island challenge redrafts

does it matter when to use redrafts? is there a higher chance of legendaries or mythics in the days to come or should I just use them whenever two star monsters show up?

Collect all the drafts. Each draft has pre-determined monsters you get so we all get the same rarity of monsters as we go through the event. We start with 1x 5* monster then don’t get another 5*+ monster for a while. On the later days we start getting more higher grade monsters. Collect as you go and try to make the best team you can with what you have.

A recent change means that all the drafts will stack up even if you don’t collect them, so it’s not possible to miss drafts by not logging in enough.

This event can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t get any good monsters to begin with. However, don’t worry if you get stuck because the monsters you draft later will help you get further.

Occasionally you will get a “lucky draft” where you get an upgraded quality of monsters (e.g. super epics turned into legendaries, possibly unevolved). You can’t see when this happens, but if you ever click the “redraft” button and the monsters get downgraded that’s because you actually had a lucky draft.

EDIT: I literally just realised you were asking about redrafts the whole time. I recommend you save your redrafts for when you’ve got legendaries on screen and none of them are ones you want. However, be careful about redrafting when it may be a lucky draft (often you can tell because there will be unevolved legendaries among the three).

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I got to level 324 the previous island challenge and that was two days into me starting the game, hoping to go further this time. my first draft gave me a deucalizon (sleep all bloodthirst twin death sentence).

So save rerolls for guaranteed legendary drafts, and take advantage of any lucky drafts.

A solid choice, that will have use in the higher levels too! If you want to go as far as possible you’ve got to pick the monsters which can work even against super buffed enemies. Sometimes this means you’re not so efficient to begin with, but it pays off later. Getting up to level 300 is do-able, especially if you use lots of the entry tickets, but beyond 300 the buff level starts getting insane. Hopefully your knowledge of the monsters now helps you get far!

Yup you’ve got it, that’s the best tactic. I find there’s actually a few spare redrafts available so I usually use a couple on super epics in the first 24-48 hours just to make my progress smoother and to see if I can grab a good one for later.

If you’re unsure which legendaries to pick I will say that as a general rule it seems the shadow monsters are the best for the highest levels. Obviously it’s down to the specific monsters, but there are quite a few shadow monsters that work very well. So make sure you pay them close attention.

Sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Granted I religiously played dragon island blue and hunter island religiously so I had a bit of an idea of what I was doing. I also spammed it because playing with weak monsters was boring and I had a team full of legendaries in the island challenge

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The reason why this is hard to believe is that in order to succeed in IC you need to pick certain types of monsters, and new players simply don’t have the knowledge to do that. For example, building a poison team will not get you far, but new players often do that because poison is very effective in the early main story. If you indeed did that well in your first IC, it’s quite impressive!