Island challenge legendaries

I haven’t had the chance to choose not even one legendary, just a couple super epics in the island challenge but I’ve encountered multiple people who have 4 legendaries and a ton of super epics… makes it pretty hard to beat them with a team full of 4 star and below monsters

You probably started late (and missed the chance to get the drafts with leg).if you even got behind one draft,you will receive the chance if getting leg one draft later.
Hope it answered your question

I’ve started late before but it always gave me a chance to draft the same amount of legendaries as everybody else. Maybe it’s a glitch

If you start late then you are behind on drafts. There is a specific number of drafts you have to go before you get your first legend. Don’t know what it is exactly. The people with 4 legends have that many because later you get drafts that have 2-3 legends in them.

But maybe there is a glitch, if you don’t have a legend by now then something might be wrong.

I’ve seen a team with 6 legendaries and I have 1… is this normal still? Lol

Got full team of Legenderies and I still get owned. I guess I got the line up wrong or something. The Island Challenge is over too. ;(

Geomagnus OP in UC…