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We all get to try the awakened form in the test battle :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh :see_no_evil:

You need to do it more untill he appears.

It says in the news that announces the event there is a 30% chance of the crown/grail appearing in the battle. You get it guaranteed when it does appear.

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD Just killed both Hellfox and Tortogeist in SCB at the same time with Zhulong’s link sneak attack all. Hellfox was position 1, Tortogeist position 3 and my Zhulong position 3.

For some reason my Zhulong didn’t die, it got payback putting it to 1HP and the enemy got a 1HP copy next in line but Tortogeist’s passive didn’t kill it.

Anyone else seen this? Payback revenge + spirit possession = payback + mirror ??

Edit: In lvl 2 I saw that Spirit Possession didn’t work, only added a monster next in line like mirror revenge. Seems that this passive might be bugged since the latest update.

@Dev_VKC Do solo moves have only lower tu but not higher dmg?

I encountered the 400sec bug in Whale’s Treasure. I encountered it one week ago, but was too busy/lazy to post it. So it happened before the minor update.

I had a battle with an enemy team containing Crimbeak (1. form of Crimseias) and a fire horse with the skill “Elementangriff (Alle)” (German translation). I guess it was Embeca (2. form of Mulasem).
Embeca used the skill “Elementangriff (Alle)”, the game froze for 1sec, nothing happened (no damage), and then 400sec were added to Embeca. Funnily, Crimbeak gave turn to Embeca, who used his skill and skipped 400sec again. This happened several times.
The battle was at some level 3 fire stage.

I can’t download the new update. I click to update in the App Store and it starts to download, but then is stuck on that. Doesn’t actually download at all.

Any suggestions?

iPad Pro
iOS 13.2

The bug with Emba wasn’t limited to Whale’s Treasure. I encountered the bug in Okkult’s.