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This is not intended. We only see this issue on certain devices.
It should be fixed if you reinstall the game.
Are you on Android or iOS?

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Just to reconfirm, did you also experience the animation issue but on Nectareon?
If so, is the animation still not functioning properly?

there is an issue when there are 2 kattmander in the field, it will reset the neko finisher counter.
it only happen when another kattmander enter the battlefield where the other kattmander already charged his neko finisher


Tested on 4 Android devices.

Samsung GT-N7100, Android 4.4.2
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro, Android 12
Samsung Galaxy A9, Android 10
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, Android 11

All the same no animation, just moving up/down.

The not shiny version is normal.

I have no issue with Nectareon, but Bonetalon (shiny) is just bouncing up and down in my game. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9, android 12

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We are aware of this issue. It will be fixed in the next update.
Thank you for reporting!


I am an android user . When the ankou is at his 20%hp,the aggresive entrance of foscallosarus killed and suddenly my game freezed with showing eternal rebirth on foscallosarus.

Yes, sometime I saw my nectareon moving up and down .

@Dev_VKC Shiny Moltenpede is also just floating up and down for me. Shiny Bonetalon is still doing it. Do I need to reinstall the app or will it fix when I next update?

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Please fix this error
Uploading: Screenshot_2023-01-28-14-22-05-382_com.pockettrend.neomonsters.jpg…
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ID friend: [60854606]

you added text before the screenshots loaded.
therefore we can’t see them. going to guess its the gatekeeper bug everyone seems to have. btw the same gatekeeper bug happened to me last UC at gatekeeper 600.

sorry the photos did not want to load

oh. ye. unfortunately the devs dont deal with those cheat teams until after the event has finished. was literally about to make a post about them myself but its pointless.

just faced this guy at lvl 980

also theres a guy called KING i faced twice with this frontline -

i really hope its not the guy in the top 10 rn…

It will be fixed when you update next time. You can fix it now by reinstall the app.
We are sorry for the issue. We are still investigating why this bug only occurs some users.


Uhhh ok…so this takes a little explaining
basically i won a UC game mid battle.

I was against "Shrek"s team. i can’t remember his exact frontline but he had a chronotitan, Apedemik and crimseas (if i recall correctly)

My frontline was Heavenswyrm, Chronotitan, Onigeist and Razoray with mojinator 5th.

he had a chronotitan frontline that was just a little bit slower than my chronotitan frontline. i placed a bomb+ on his chronotitan and his ai put a bomb on my onigeist, followed by bomb plus on my chronotitan. everything stayed alive until my bomb went off…

next thing i had a victory message. what i think happened was that because his Leira entered it made the ais bombs go off despite chronotitan having already died. this meant that basically 9 monsters died at the same time. (since mojinator entered and instantly died).

i managed to catch a quick screenshot of the remaining monsters. i think its a one in a million bug but its a bug nonetheless.

glad it didn’t give me a defeat but its still odd.
may have just got confused by the amount of different entrance types.


leira’s entrance causes like twenty different bugs and most of them haven’t been fixed yet lmao


@Dev_VKC I ran into a bug today During the new arrivals festival I finally got my 10th pack but no mythic came out I didn’t get any guaranteed mythic can you enlighten me on this

You have to hatch the same “Newcomer Festival Egg” banner in order to get guaranteed mythic monster. If the banner changes, the counter is reset.
You can find the hatch counter on top of the “Hatch 10” button.


@Dev_VKC any specific reason why Y Ddraig Goch banner was removed today?

I entered at the exact banner change time and came a banner with Y Ddraig Goch, Canishogun and Bundam in it.

That banner was last month i think… i was also confused when i saw the banner…