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Nmv the dolphin has give turn move too

All turn granting monsters are weak to chrono killer and times up

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Even the rapid entrance? Or you mean every skill that reduces seconds of teammates not itself is include as a give turn skill? Cool now i never look at those skill the same again.

Nope rapid entrance is a toned down roaring entrance, make some SE great without being broken

No it’s not going slow, it’s freezing altogether. I can’t really identify a pattern with it. Does anyone find the team building page freezing?

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD
The explanation of 「ララバイエンター」 is incorrect.

I think the part 「敵1体」 is correctly 「場の1体」.
Because I fought this monster in Bond Quest, but the opponent’s monster was sleeping.
Perhaps you are erroneously quoting the description of Dreamy Entrance.


Had an odd little bug occur during pvp. i faced someone who had an omegasdragon and a uranium dragon whose name i can’t spell it seems.
anyway i had a dusicyon on my team and a diamondoid had just entered so it was shielded and autopoisoned at the same time. (this happens occasionally for 1tu)
Uraniums turn was 1tu afterwards so it got a turn before the shield was destroyed and used the “Radioactive Fallout” move. however rather than overwriting the poison with a more potent poison it instead Purified diamondoid and gave it death sentence! it didn’t affect the game much because he just used it a second time and by that point i had already lost - however it was just an odd situation.


Thank you for reporting.
The text now is fixed.


@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD
Awaken Mythic, which was illegally obtained by some accounts, was set as the representative monster. (Agility is not Max. Pieces are not filled)
I think some accounts are cheating. Please investigate.

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Those players will be banned by system.
We can take a look in case if you happen to have their Friend ID.


I don’t know these friend ID. I found it because a friend request came from those accounts. (I don’t remember the name of the IG, but in the last few days, 3 or 4 accounts have had illegal monsters.)

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Same here. There was a player sharing an awaken moth.


Cheater in IC (one of many). TDK Unknown - seen here in 36th place -

also had the 5☆ green badge icon for top PvP finishes.

apparently they have got to 441 using poison epics.
(also using a deathgazer in 5th XD)

i have now faced 4 “Cheat teams” in a row in IC.

I’m sure I’m not the only player experiencing this. the teams that i am facing are currently higher than me in the rankings and using poison teams which DO NOT WORK VS BUFFED.

i am at floor 396 atm. these players are over 400.

heres a couple of examples

@Dev_VKC when is something going to be done to stop people using mods in your game?

i know you remove players who have been confirmed as cheating but its always after the event finishes. also i know since its IC atm the rankings don’t really matter but the fact remains. people are cheating in every event in the game. why don’t you have safeguards in place to stop them? if you are able to track those who have cheated then surely you can make something to prevent it?

Sorry for the rant. I’m just getting sick of seeing it.


How are the island challenge teams actually chosen?

My friend played against my team and he was more than 50 levels higher than me. So I didn’t reach his level yet, still he was set against my team.

Is the current team chosen, or the latest team I won/lost, or only the last team I won?

And more cheats . this is ridiculous.

This one is 05jsb - currently in 50th. -

im done with island challenge. there are literally cheats every second battle you face. ive had enough of it. there are usually one or two cheaters - now it seems to be a majority. or perhaps its just because they know that they can get away with it because it isn’t thier own monsters getting used. i don’t know. point is that for players trying to play fairly its a complete nightmare to face and it ruins the gaming experience.

Lol I love how people resort to blaming cheating when they lose, despite the fact that they have no idea how the teams we face are determined. How do you know they don’t pair you up with anyones team they last used at the start of any match?

because i check the leaderboards? and also some of these battles i won anyway because i actually have skill in this game.

its pretty obvious that teams like those above aren’t going to fare well vs buffed opponents and yet somehow they are all in the top 100.
even “special” people such as yourself @squinty1880 have to acknowledge that.


Thank you for reporting.
We will take a look and ban those cheaters manually.