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Why saberdragon’s shock doesn’t work on my team’s focalforce? When it works on other overwatch mons.

because that would be broken af.

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  1. what @Eklypz said
  2. the description of Auto Overwatch explains why
    that doesn’t happen
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Added a potion to last mons, probably a visual bug…

btw you should probably be potting infernicorn or wraithhost

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Planning to use potions on them once i get some from event.

There is a language bug in the bond quest when language settings are set to german.

It displays ‘numero di tipi’ xxx ‘richiesti’, which is most likely italian language.

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Thank you for reporting. It has been fixed.

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Fun fact, @Dev_VKC is fluent in every language Neo can be played in


Thank you (the whole team) for the really dedicaded work of fixing bugs within hours or days and translating the game more further into various languages.

I know from other game companies, that it’s not granted to have such a fantastic support. To tell the truth, many have really very weak or no support.



You say that, but I still can’t get VKC to write “fewer” instead of “less” when descriptions refer to the number of monsters in a team @Dev_VKC :stuck_out_tongue:

For anyone who doesn’t know…
“fewer” is when you’re talking about something which can be a defined number (e.g. number of people)
“less” is when talking about something which cannot be without adding a measure to quantify it (e.g. water)

A good example is scores of two people in a test. You say person X scored “less” than person Y. However, you say person X scored “fewer points” than person Y.


I guess the main team is japanese, they need help with the languages by natives.

I found quite a lot translation issues with the german moveset descriptions. They translate the words itself correctly, but the sense of the context is not there.

I might post it here if I find it again.

Thanks for the explanation, I can see that you are a very good in english when I watch your YouTube videos.

You should really do it! I had similar complaints with the Italian translation and they fixed them the update immediately after!

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Dev it is normal that everytime i reset the team i using the name of the team i using too is will be reset?? I don’t know but this happen since the update about the names. And it’s kinda annoying sometimes.

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Ohh… even though i didn’t reset it, it resiting the team names and back the team(number) and i hate it🙃

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You’re resetting the team slot. So both the name and monsters are getting wiped off.

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They added it in a recent update. If you use the “reset” button it fully resets that slot to default (name now included). I agree it was a bit unnecessary and means I will be using the reset button less.

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I circled the german translation bugs in the pictures.

At Vinegazer it’s a broken text and he’s not turning into a Rockoid, but into his first evolution form.

At Brutalaxe, it’s a broken text.

By the way, today it’s day 300 in my Neo Monsters account. Why I have to play a lot against Top 10 and Top 50 PvP players? I can see their archived status from the PvP Icons they use. I was even matched against Duck, I confirmed his authenticity with his friendcode posted in the forum. I think the PvP matchmaking heavily lacks something in the grading system. I don’t necessarily loose against this players though. My highest PvP rank was only about 900. But I have to agree that I only play the ranking to get the monster and stop there (because I dislike PvP due to the matchmaking and laggy gameplay).

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You’ve been playing for nearly a year! How long do you really expect to be playing before matching against top players? I mean who do you expect them to be facing… only people who have been playing for 2+ years? There won’t be enough people for that.

The fact you actually beat these players shows that you absolutely should be getting matched with them. The matchmaking basically tries to put people together who have a similar chance of beating each other.


Yes you’re right, but I always compare it to chess or other games that matchmake equally strong players together, to always have a win/loose rate of 40 to 60%. I got quite disappointed a few month ago when my PvP win rate was below 10%. Last PvP went better with 30% and this PvP I’m starting to win against this top players each 2nd or 3rd match. Also thanks to an extended monster choice that comes with time and possibly better skill.