A little bug

That mythic is on second form but it has 7 stars lol :joy::joy::joy:

It is actually the final form, but it’s just greyed out on the screen at the bottom. This always happens for me with Aethereon for some reason, when I view a friend’s Aethereon.

It might just be that bug you’re seeing or it could be that the person has cheated to get that mythic. You can tell it’s a cheat because it has 0 shards and half speed.

Yup it seems like that is an unlegal Sakuralisk


Maybe it’s a mod one

@Killerdog is there a feature where you can see your friend’s friend code?


I don’t say this. Because when I see the Full Mythic of @DonT89, it show me same, 2nd form and SS unvailable. I know that @DonT89 do everything legal. So… Must be an error

@Jese_BlackFire look better at my monster, has 3 shards and full speed. That indicate that my monster is legal.


I think It’s some kind of bug.

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Yes, its a error

No it’s not
That guy is using mod.Cuz the speed is half and it has 0 shards

Yes the one with Sakuralisk was using a mod.