Pics of a rogue beta tester

Very positive I ran into the beta tester that people have been recently complaining about and I lost. Here are some pics I took.
image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

Ruined my 20 win streak too.

GC username is ShadowTravis.

lol, another “rogue beta tester” Quite honestly i think all hackers are just beta testers… but thats just me

That explains why the developers aren’t banning us, right?

How do u know their “GC username”?

well not yet

  1. Go to game center.
  2. Go to games.
  3. Tap on Hunter Island.
  4. Tap on players and it should give you a list of the most recent players you’ve played against.

Well I’ll tell you that we aren’t hackers and the developers can confirm that for you. Travis here is breaking the rules when he was asked not to. That has nothing to do with the rest of us - he’ll be banned for breaking the rules, but that doesn’t mean we’re hackers.

Calm down all beta testers arent hackerz XD i dont get that, they were chosen by the game makers to test it before release so if there are any issues they can address it, so they aren’t hackers, if they were hackers they would’ve broken into the system and STOLE the arks but they DIDNT so there not hackerz infact thats like saying ashley is a hacker kook is a hacker and all the other beta testers when they didnt do anything, the only time they do pvp is in private, which isnt against the rules so yeah, calm down a but they arent hàckerz

Its known that he abuses his beta history


The times “I” was spotted in PvP, that was Travis. We already went through all that and found that to be the case. And now that I kicked him out of my Game Center, we can see he’s still at it.

It hasn’t been me, that’s for sure. Learn the facts before accusing, please. 

… and I highly doubt Kookaset has been doing it. 

Uh i dont think so ashley doesnt use it public, i know for a fact and kook said he rarely pvps at all so i would like some proof of that before you start accusing them

Oh sorry, i saw that post and jumped to a conclusion, i changed the post 

It would be Highly unlikely that it would be Ash or kookaset

True jean its travis we know now so travis can get banned and it’ll all be over

I’m really sorry this keeps happening guys

The mods are working VERY hard to try and get This person banned because this can’t keep happening

It’s not fair to you guys and it’s not fair to the rest the betas because we get blamed for what he does

@Assassin: there’s a huge difference between betas and hackers, so I suggest you stop with the nonsense saying the two are the same. They are not nor will they ever be. All the betas have stopped playing PVP except for this one person who refuses to stop because of this exact reason.

So you are calling every mod a hacker? The mods were picked from the group that were Beta testers. The developers asked us which of us wanted to be mods and whoever said yes became a mod. What you wrote makes no sense whatsoever learn what hacking means before making assumptions. 

Anyways even beta testers are not hackers. They did not decrypt the game or do any type of hacking to obtain the arks there was no gamefile editing involved or anything like that. They obtained it from a version of the game that gave it to everyone who downloaded it when it was in the testing phase. So no mods or beta testers are hacking. 

If you see unreleased Arks it is most likely travis who is using them. But he is still not hacking he is just breaking the rules. Now he can’t be banned yet until the update is out. The update has a flagging system that will ban hackers and any beta testers / mods who use unreleased arks. 

As for hackers. There are a lot of hacks for this game not all of them include gold. They will also be dealt with in the update.

Now you guys can complain all you want about Travis or others using unreleased arks in pvp but that still won’t change the fact that there is nothing that can be done until the update is out.

The update should be out soon. Apple still needs to look over the update and approve it. Until they do that we just have to wait.

Glad I haven’t PvP yet, I’ve got all the egg only arks, the S grade etc. if I did PvP people will probably accuse me of hacking haha.

I can say whatever i want to say… That is MY opinion. Beta Testers breaking the rules in pvp is not hacking, i am with you on that, but to someone that plays a beta tester in pvp and sees an unreleased lineup of monsters and loses, that person would assume he just played a h.acker! The problem is that since the game files are so encrypted, it would be next to impossible for someone to h.ack this game to give them unreleased monsters which the beta testers have easy access to. 

I hope he gets banned because its unfair to others