People using unreleased monsters in PVP must be Beta testers...

Hackers are not able to decipher the heavily encrypted game files, its pretty much impossible, they can only get more gold and gold cannot buy unreleased monsters. The only ones that are able to use unreleased monsters are beta testers. So when you play someone with unreleased Arks, they are NOT hackers, but beta testers breaking the rules… So if you do play someone with such a lineup, see who you played in game center and feel free to post the name of these “rogue beta testers”. Im just tired of people accusing hackers of using unreleased arks in pvp because they are incapable of doing so, its just a rogue beta tester abusing their powers.

We already know who it is, anyway.

This is not directed at you, Creeper, or any one person. This is an overall announcement.

I have had enough of all beta testers being given a bad name due to the acts of one individual person. This is unfair on all the beta testers who have not been involved in this. You cannot possibly assume that because one leaf is bad that the entire tree is diseased, that is a silly assumption to make so please, stop spreading such profound ideas.

Let this reply serve as finalization on the subject. I think I can safely say we have had enough of these posts so let me clarify the important points.

  1. We know who the person responsible is.

  2. We have taken action and warned the person responsible on multiple occasions yet they insist on continuing.

  3. They will be banned in the next update.

  4. We are sorry that this is happening but we cannot do anymore than we have, at this moment in time.

Nothing can be done until the next update comes out, which is awaiting approval by Apple. Until then, we have to put up with this irresponsible and quite frankly immature abuse of power by one certain individual.

Its good to see that there is taken action against him :smiley: