Beta or hacker?

OK I just battled a beta tester or hacker, who has got all the exclusive Arks including the Kimiwyrm.

I felt like it was a hacker patrol because he/she used his or her typhoon-like Ark to keep knockbacking my Arks. That person also tried to disconnect at the end of the battle.

Very sadly that person did not disconnect on time, and I was defeated, breaking my winning streak. If that person is you, I would like to talk to you here.

There’s been other complaints about someone like this in public PvP but it doesn’t seem like it’s any beta testers on this forum. I would like to know who it is as well…

How mysterious! The search for the rouge beta tester… Or hacker…

try going on GameCenter and look at your matches report. There should be the list of the people you’ve played with