Epic beta battle

I was literately given the win by a beta after witnessing THE BEST pvp team I’ve seen yet… Makes me wanna keep playing :smiley:
Thanks again whoever that may of been.
(Master tournament)
Again?? Rather that then this continuous stun game any day :smiley:

Are you sure it was a beta tester?

Must have been… He was given the win… Dont you beta do some patrol thing for hackers?

We did, but the admins don’t want us doing it anymore due to some issues it caused.

Hmmm well i dont see a problem with it… I mean the beta gave him the win! Its free diamonds!!!

That’s what I would think as well.

Hmmm… Like really how else are hackers going to be policed… Really only a veteran and a beta can tell the diff between a hacker and just a solidly good player… Sigh! Bring it back! And gimmie free diamonds :slight_smile:

I just played against someone with all beta arks… I put up a good fight but I didn’t get any free diamonds out of it…

Go back and get the name and message it to me please

How do I get the name?

Go to Game Center.
Go to games.
Find hunter island.
Go to players.

Find the time you versed that player.

Find the name and send it to Deadpool

It’s just showing a bunch of people with “never played” beside it, I’m pretty sure I have to be friends with the person for it to show when I recently fought him.