How is it possible?

Just found a guy on pvp with vortexor and cyberwyrm, how???

either hacker or a beta being unscrupulous

Maybe a hacker

Vortexor is too OP, he has knockback that affects the 3 arkadions at once!

Yep thats the power of a crazy good arkadion :smiley:

You’ll say anything that kills you is OP. Pretty soon you’ll get everything in the game weakened and there’ll be no good monsters left… just stop that and find strategies around these monsters :slight_smile:

… but on the note of the topic, no one should be using that in PvP. What name shows in Game Center?

Well we already know who it is :D 

Alright, I’m getting tired of this

To the beta tester that’s running those Arks: you’ve been told multiple times to stop going into PVP with that team.

While you think it’s okay, it really isn’t and you’re hurting the game and the players everytime you play with this team

Stop playing with the team. Next time I see a thread about Arks that aren’t in the game yet, I will push for you to be banned from PVP long before the update is in place

You tell them deadpool :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, its just that he is showing unreleased arks