People having unreleased arks?...

Don’t take this as me being mad or complaining in any way.

But how do people have future OM arks? I will see them in pvp, people will talk about having them on here(forums

), etc.  

How is this possible?

If this is possible why doesn’t everyone have access to them… I’m just confused on this whole thing. please explain 

Thanks :smiley:

Beta testers received unreleased monsters to test. And they’re not allowed to be using them in PvP. But Travis seems to be breaking the rules.

These people are either 

A. Hackers who will be dealt with in the update 


B. A beta tester who is not following the rules about not using unreleased arks (even though I don’t really mind as long as they d/c tbh) and they will also be dealt with

So it shouldn’t actually be possible but people find their ways you know? The update will help a lot though! I’m glad you’re enjoying the game and hope you keep enjoying it! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, loving the game. I made some suggestions that i personally would like in someones ideas for updates forum.  I also don’t mind it very much them having arks I don’t as I’ve only been playing for a week and a half (so i’m use to it) was just trying to see why they had what were labelled to be (unreleased).  how old is this game btw?

It was officially released on November 14, so about a month and a half now.

It’s not old at all! I think it came out around November 14th or 15th? You picked it up at a great time. So stick with it and it will improve greatly :slight_smile:

I plan to! hopefully I can help make it great  :smiley:  like it’s not already lol.  i’ve got about 15 people playing it now. wonder if there is some type of in-game group or clan thing we could do… or add friends and fight them?  idk just throwing things out there 

You can add friends on gamecenter and challenge them to local PvP matches :slight_smile: