Over 200 battles

I’ve played over 200 battles on one spot and have not gotten the starter that is there (snork). Could be a bug? Aren’t you suppossed to get it at 200 battles?

It’s just a probability, it’s not definite. Keep trying for him you’ll get him soon, I know it can be painfully boring but listen to some music while doing it, it really helps. You could get Snork after 400 battles or after 4, there is a 0.5% chance that a monster that appears on that spot will be Snork, so it’s really 1/200 monsters, but again it’s not definite and the percentage doesn’t increase after every battle, it’ll always be 0.5%.

Good luck!

It took me two days to get the fire and water starters. Honestly though, the starter fusions aren’t even worth the effort.

You’re guaranteed to get it after 2,000, not 200. 

Oh my god, that’s an insane amount of battles for the starters who aren’t even that powerful, oh well

That’s “guaranteed”. That doesn’t mean it will take that long to get it. You could find it in just a few fights.

Dont even bother lol, the spawn rate in this game needs to be fixed… That is the main reason why i decided to time eggs quite honestly, i spent like 3 days looking for hatchling and after no luck i said hey, why dont i just start timing eggs and get them in less than a minute, and thats what i did 

I think there’s nothing wrong with the rarity, these things should not be too easy to get. There is something wrong with egg timing - which is why that’s going to be fixed in a matter of days from now, I’d assume.

I believe the 2000 is the guarantee for the hatchlings. Not for starters. 

Only for Bluey, Ashey , leafy , whatever the other one is called

So 1800 to go:p