OoO outcome is fixed.


Title says it all.

My FL consist of dolphin tt Sloth and Stag in that order,

when am facing a OoO team the outcome is always fixed against the same players.

Sloth and stag will block the sleep leaving me with a 50/50 chance either being dolphin or tt.

GMagic the outcome is always TT. 100% I never was able to get dolphin not even once.
Fulmer Oni Team. Outcome is always dolphin 100% I never got tt against him.
Against the guys that uses thulg the outcome is TT 100% of the times.

Something is not random in those games because the 50% rule does not apply and it seems really fixed algorithm.

I did not want to exploit this but yes you can play one purifier at the right position and 100% of the times you will not be put to sleep with OoO.

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It’s not the OoO but it’s your Frontline. OoO has only 2 options to hit , like you pointed out and it “seems” like it has fixated on particular monster.


even with my FL there should be matches where the 50% take place.


But u r forgetting there is other 50% that is just as significant as the 50% you are expecting . It’s like capy’s 50% taunt that rarely misses !

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I don’t think the odds are implemented correctly.


Small sample size.

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Add me to the sample size.




ONE one always miss protect monster or any monster has puvity or puvity mist


Honestly OoO is one of the few things I thought was actually random. My whole fl can be hit and it seems legit enough. Taunt however is a whole new can of worms :joy:


against my team its completely not random and its fixed against certain people I know the outcome of the OoO before they even cast it.

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Hahaha, I can predict of an ooo team against my fl 100%, it will always keep my tortogeist awake

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sorry fulmer the OoO is fixed in our match up.

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OoO name should be changed to 1on4. It’s that fixed atm




Yep. Looks like that freaken sample size is growing.


I’ve found 4 on 1 to be pretty random.

Whats broken is the double 1-1 with oni and the Mythic Angelion.

4 on 1 is a broken and BS combo.


Did u awaken your angelion ? I’m still waiting for my last shard ! Need to have that ss on this mythic.

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It comes awakened in its 6 star form. Best deal on a mythic in the game.

And was once available for $200 US instead of the thousands these poser mythics cost today.


OoO targeting seems to be governed by the position of the monsters (1-4). Hence, against the same person the outcome is more likely going to be a certain way each time.

It also likes to target particular things, e.g. if a stun absorber is stunned then that’s often the monster which gets left awake.

I can’t say anything for definite, but I’ve been using OoO front lines for the past 2.5 years in 1/2 - 2/3 of my teams. There’s definitely a pattern to it.