Onigo sleep is guaranteed??

I recently lose a match for this

That summoned ■■■■ sleep all my mons and is not the first time
It skill say have a 50% to sleep but ALWAYS sleep and also a sleep revenge is bored cause you just stop waiting the enemy want to kill your monster and if not then close game cause i’ll be a endless match
Tbh it’s a token like Yuki (summoned by a Mons) but it’s extremely broke it sleep %

Sounds like skill issue :skull_and_crossbones:


Whenever people lose they blame RNG.


Tbh bro is not the first time
Also i told to a friend and he say the same,he got top 20 using that cause it always sleep

10/10 times is not RNG

Pics or it didn’t happen

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Try adding purify mons instead of spamming GFs and S Tier


Bro Onigo nerf thread!? C’mon its 2023 already



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Maybe this the reason onigo is good vs buffed monster cause its guaranteed sleep

It’s not actually guaranteed, I think it’s 60% chance to land successfully. Death Lord just had a bad streak of luck :{

Yeah, 60% chance. From the screenshot, it landed twice. Sorry for your bad luck @DMG_Death_Lord but please don’t title your thread with the name of a developer over something like this. I’ve edited the title now

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Still more posible then a monster get sleeped by sakuralisk passive :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Bro i really wish i had that particular sakurlaisk which somehow keeps sleeping monsters.
Mine only sleeps mons every 10 fights…:sob:

And that is a bad thing?? :thinking:

Let me ask you a very basic question. If a coin is flipped 10 times, is it possible to get heads all 10 times?

Yep, infinity is beautiful :sweat_smile:

He’s going to ask for a Soulstealer nerf next


Absolutely impossible. You have 50% chance to get heads from a single launch, which means you will ALWAYS get 5 heads and 5 tails everytime you toss a coin 10 times in a row. Always, with 100% guaranteed probability. There hasn’t been a single case in history where this hasn’t happen. That’s how powerful maths is.


Tbh i prefer spaming GF than use Rock Lock :relaxed: