Online Mission FAQ

The Online Mission FAQ

1.How do you start the Online Mission?

You first need golden tickets which you get 200 for free at the start! After you have done that click the wifi logo in the left bottom of your screen. It should then display two things : Mission and PvP. If you press Mission you will see which mission arkadion is currently up, in the right bottom of your screen press start and you will now be able to play the online mission.

2. How do I go to the next floor?

You will need to find a staircase throughout the floor your on, if you click on the stairs you will be able to go the the next level.

3. Is the OM the same for everyone?

No, the labyrinth per floor is different for everyone.  And each floor is different each time you restart the OM.

4. I finished in 30 minutes but didn’t got one , it said all rewards are claimed?

This means that the 1% or 10% of the players in the pool already got it and your chance is over ( for now ).

5. Will the arks be released once again?

Yes, they will eventually.

6. When you get a mission ark reward in which pool am I?

You will be placed in pool B after winning a Online mission arkadion.

7. If you get the arkadion through getting enough fusion material arks will it be counted as a win?

No, you will stay in the same pool and have a equal chance of getting the next online mission arkadion.

8. How do I know in which pool I am.

If you have never won an Online mission then you’re placed in pool A which means that you have to be with the top 10% to get the Online mission reward.

If you have ever won an Online mission then you’re placed in pool B Which means that you have to be with the top 1% to get the Online mission reward.

This link will explain it further in detail :

9. Where are the checkpoints?

When you first enter the OM you will get a screen that shows you how many floors this OM has and where the checkpoints are.

10. When can you enter the OM?

you can enter it when you’re lvl 20+ 

11. How long does an OM lasts?

1 week

12. How long does an Season lasts ?

The current OM season is about 10 weeks, however the next ones may be different.

13. Are there bosses on the floors?

Yes there are, sometimes when you get to the next floor they just give you an mission egg but sometimes you will have to defeat a boss to get it.

Its also possible that they are rewarding level or grade boosters in the online mission, there are then special floors where there is a boss you need to defeat in order to get those boosters. ( Whenever you’re on a floor with a reward it would say : You sence a presence on this floor. ) 

14. Why cant I feed the mission egg arkadions?

The developers didn’t want us to feed them because the lvls of participants varies alot so that would be unfair to newcomers.

15. Can I catch the arkadions in the Online mission?

Simple answer : NO

16. How do I know which OM arkadion is up?

When u click the OM sign u will see which arkadion is up but I will also provide this topic of a link to the latest OM :

The Special Event :


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Do not waste your gold on the tickets for everyone who read number one. You will never need to buy tickets because they are always provided for you. If you have less than 60 tickets you are able to claim free ones to a maximum of 60 by going to the online mission section and clicking Claim Tickets. The entry fee is only 2 tickets and you’ll never ever use more than 60 even if you are a low level player by hitting a check point, returning home and then re-entering.

Ull need to buy tickets if u going to do it for the first time! And didnt I wrote that u Will only need to buy them once?

Ppl these days cant read

No you dont Jean… Everyone starts off with 200 tickets already. You can gain tickets from PVP as prizes as well if you do not want to spend gold on tickets.

I had to buy them the very first time. 

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