Is there an online mission FAQ? I have some basic questions.

Hello, I have some questions if someone wouldn’t mind answering or pointing me in the right direction please.

  1. How long do the missions last for? (Ie, how long are the 19 eggs available for?) I’ve seen people saying they’ve completed the mission quickly but haven’t won anything.

  2. How do you win? Is it just about speed, or is it something else?

  3. Are they accessible to new/low level players?

  1. one week (satureday to satureday i think)
  2. speed and high leveled arcs :slight_smile:
  3. you can do the online stuff with arcs level 30

Thanks! :slight_smile:

  1. 1 week

2.  SPEED and ofcourse lvl 99 arks with can hit all enemies at once

  1. Yes they are but they would never win… 

Here is a link where it explains how u can win and in which pool u are:

If u have any other questions I’d like to hear them to help you

P.S. There is an Online Mission FAQ now :P 

link :