Online Event: Boss Rush

Any chance we can get a boss based online event?

I was thinking something along the lines of Mythic Colosseum, where you have 3 main challanges dedicated to 3 different monsters. Then inside those challanges multiple fights.

It could start easy, with the boss monster not even that buffed for the new players, but then support monsters get added, maybe new abilities become viable for the boss, and so on and so forth.

Plus so many iconic monsters would be cool to see in a non-cannon boss version:

  • Grovodeus could spawn a disgusting amount of Spriggolos, spam ELEM Give Turn at 50tu and have a DEF stat of a billion.

  • Doomengine and Tenebris could just be given Instant Blood Clone AND Instant Shadow Double on top of summoning 3 copies of their non-boss versions in the later stages. Don’t do this with Staticsphere though. Please.

  • The Rockoid could summon all the new rockoids and just machine gun Throwmageddon, and Catapult for steath users.

The ideas are limitless and we don’t even need new sprites, just give them a unique state symbol and a super sayan effect or something.


Yes, perhaps in a Raid mode where you receive rewards based on how much damage you dealt to the boss-form regular monster! Like Røkkr fights on Fire Emblem Heroes.

It would be a great way to add awesomeness to monsters who are supposed to be godly, such as Kamiwyrm (kami, 神, means God in Japanese), Deodragon, Heavenswyrm, Ultimadragon, Azrazel, etc…

All I need is a twighoul to kill that Grovodeus :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
And I like “The Rockdoid” idea :upside_down_face:

Guardian Execute does a lot of damage, but it’s no instant kill. And besides boss monsters have protection from instant kill moves.

No twiggy :frowning: