Concept for a new PvE event

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Ok so, imagine there is a new PvE event.
It all starts with the Khanate, once again coming to Verosia, this time asking for help (we were bad, but now we’re good, am I right?).

They ask the undefeated Champion, the pride of Othlon, the one who slayed the Maggatsuoh weapon, to help them in facing a newfound threat: a mysterious entity which has been roaming around numerous planets lately.

It captures monsters, and them somehow corrupts them with a menacing black smoke-like substance. Those monsters become stronger and gain high regenerative abilities, but they become hostile and harmful to the environment.

You’re tasked with clearing those planets from the corruption, by defeating the tainted monsters you encounter.
But every corrupted planet has a monster, chosen by the entity, which is much stronger than the others: you MUST defeat it in order to purify the planet.

You can choose which planet to visit based on the “boss” you’ll encounter. There’s a danger rating (from F to S+) and also a “info” button to give you info on the specifics of the boss.

The landscapes you’re gonna visit are barren wastelands. Your task is freeing as many enemies as possible (by defeating them in battle) and then defeat the boss.

Gameplay wise, you’ll face randomly generated maps (obviously MUCH BIGGER than the picture above.
Encounters are random, except for some that are visible and stationary (see the shadow ball in the picture above) and the boss encounters (the entity).

There are also crystals you can use to teleport between the map, replenish your monster’s health, also keep monsters you free from the corruption in order to add them into your team, and whatnot.

The bosses are meant to be apparently normal monsters, but with inflated stats and a different skillset, even with more skills than the regular amount: for example, Prismaryx with LINK Double Retribution and Conscription added to its moveset.

It would be an event like Okkult’s, but missions are replayable.


That’s a really duckin sick idea


Anything is better than dungeon challenge

Alva supports, would be fun to do something new

Excellent pictures to go along with the idea!

Randomly generated maps is definitely good for a game like this, because the Devs need replayability for anything they spend time on.

Otherwise, this idea is almost identical to one I suggested before, so it gets a heart from me :wink:

This was the one I posted…

"The mythical isles"
We use our own teams and have to explore around increasingly tough islands, beating trainer battles to progress. At the end of the final island is a super boss version of a mythic.

We don’t get rewards for beating the trainers. Instead, we’re tasked to hunt down all the monsters (it’s a scientific expedition we’ve been sent on to study monsters by the professor). We need to find and kill each monster that exists in the wild and at milestones we get rewards. We have a counter on the screen for the island we’re on (e.g. 14/80) so we can see how many we still need to find.

The way team building is made interesting is you can only save your progress and heal if you make it to a checkpoint. These are towns around the place. It’ll be similar-ish to Dungeon Challenge for team building but you don’t have to go quite so extreme for survival and when it comes to the trainer battles you’ll need to be prepared for that challenging fight while also being able to both travel to and back from the trainer to the safety of a town.


LMAO :joy:

You know, my actual inspiration for this were two RPGs I played, Xenoblade and Lost Sphear.
The later installments of the Xenoblade series have postgame missions rated by difficulty and also have “unique monsters” (which are the only monsters with a name, different from every other enemy of their kind) á la Warcraft.
Lost Sphear has a final dungeon which is randomly generated and has a similar difficulty option.

I think I sorta put those together, as they’re the funniest endgame formulas for a game in my opinion: they have replayability (as you said), a clear and gradual difficulty level and also a clear objective.


I was preparing this idea for an update of my Exploration Revamp suggestion, but seeing as this topic is right here, I may as well just use it.

So the idea is for bosses. Most single monster bosses are fairly easy to beat. Even if, hypothetically, they were immune to insta-ko moves, lethal damage moves, and all status effects, they can still be taken down by using Purpie and/or Moku. And if you make them immune to that, then there are plenty of other cheese strategies for players to use. My point is, Neo is too complicated, and too severely powercrept, for bosses that just have a lot of health to be a threat. So, the idea is to divide the boss battle into phases which each need to be fought individually.

The basic idea is pretty simple. The boss’s health bar is divided into any number of phases. No matter how much damage you deal, you will never go further than one phase, so if the boss’s current phase has 1 health left, and you deal 10,000 damage, the boss will only take 1 damage, enough to move on to the next phase, Each time you deal enough damage to move on to the next phase, the boss will use a special attack. This attack could be any number of things. It could gain stealth, it could stun a random target, it could deal lethal damage to all of your monsters, ignoring Hold Ground and Shield. Whatever the case, this would be a dangerous attack that could change the tide of battle. It will also gain new moves, and may change its pattern of attack. On top of that, the boss will sometimes cast a field effect, which effects all monsters in some way.

Let’s take an example of a stun based boss with three phases. It starts in phase one, with two moves, Stun Flash Unlimited, and Ultrathunder. In this phase, it is fairly weak, and you can easily deal enough damage to get to phase 2. Upon entering phase 2, it uses a special attack that stuns all of your monsters for 200 seconds, casts a field effect that makes it so that stun absorbers and stun counters no longer work, and gains the passive ability Soul Bearer, and the active ability Timestrike. With this new moveset, it is significantly more challenging to defeat. However, you eventually manage it, and you are greeted by the third phase. In this phase, the boss uses a special attack that kills all monsters with anti-stun moves, casts a field effect that makes anti-stun moves no longer work, and gains the passive abilities Ion Field and Time Freeze and the active ability Faststrike, and all of its moves cost less TU. In this phase, the boss is even harder, and the battle that once seemed easy is now a back-and-forth struggle.

As you can see from this example, the boss gets progressively harder as time goes on, and new field effects make it harder and harder to hard-counter the boss’s niche. More difficult bosses with higher ratings could have 5-10 different phases, quickly becoming near impossible to beat unless you specifically planned for them(made possible by the information tab). All bosses would also be immune to all status effects, lethal moves, OHKO moves, and attacks like Delta Super Beam or Mojimojiha, just to force players to actually plan.


We’ve had some good QoL improvements in game but the event side is still severely lacking. Too many resources are going into the Gacha. I wish we could have nice things and money didn’t control everything…


Amazing artwork and great idea! :+1: thumbs up from the king! :laughing: