One more complaint

Now, I personally do not have the gems to have rolled on this banner, but do you really feel nothing for releasing this banner no more than a week before completely destroying gazer and scorp? Yes, they were disgustingly overpowered but why would you do this to people before a nerf?

I’m obviously referring to this banner. That’s just cruel


Same happened with moku and tricranium banner tbh

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That time they only nerfed tri but this time they had gone all out .they could’ve mentioned scorp nerf but they didn’t.Disgusting

Moku was nerfed aswell 14 to 16 cost.

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Lel that doesn’t change anything

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That’s nonsense, let’s take away 32 points of your team cost. 2 for every monster and then say again that doesn’t change anything.




What I meant was it doesn’t change anyone from using him and hes still the best endgamer
Don’t take it too seriously

Gazer is still very strong so is Tricranium, Scorpiogeist doesn’t look that strong anymore but we will see.

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Any type of cost increase or decrease matters a lot in building teams …

Uuh I mean we already expected that coming.Its my fault anyway

The raw nerf might gives aps a sec chance (excluding novadrake)

No it doesn’t

There was a mention about Gazer getting a nerf in the notes, so that part was covered, but nothing about Scorpiogeists sudden 100% TU increase on RAW double poison eater so that was really unfair towards those who spent to get Scorpio. The RAW nerf was overdue but still it should have been mentioned in the banner because it affects Scorpiogeist very much!


This banner hurts me so much, it should be s+ scorp instead of wasting gems for nerf mons in a few days.