new event, new limitations and my team is ruined again haha

What happens I thought they were going to change the limitations not that they were going to duplicate them, I will never be able to use my monsters again?

Yeah, now i have to find a new team

me too since I usually use 9 of those

There is a silver lining though…
Most of the mons in this list are finisher/MVP and they have included some strong mythics too. This time many players will have to change teams.

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I am so happy with these previously I had all my monsters blocked But now I can use pola together with angelion , orca tricarnium so happy :grin:


Dude honestly i don’t have to tweak my team too much but this rule is pretty ■■■■.
Previous one was way better.

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So you really think valza should be a top priority?
I don’t think valza users will have slightest problem with benching him.
Also flare/sui 2nd form.
They don’t deserve to be there.
Flare is perfectly balanced and sui 2nd form is utter crap compared to It’s awakened form and other popular mons.

On the second block there is freezecobra.
I don’t see why it has to be there. I’m kinda sad about cobra because i used it as a secondary stun protection near endgame. But now I’m forced to run something else.
Lmao. Prolly the most ironic of them all.
And “DEATHGAZER” isn’t in any of them.
I don’t know what valza did to be in there but deathgazer didn’t.
Gazer should be a top Priority.

Valza had it together with Albakan and guess what, I can’t use it anymore

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I’m really not happy with the limitations

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Even if i ignore my personal limitations still this rule is ■■■■.
Do u really believe endgame meatoid is better than endgame gazer?

I think they are even introducing a quota even for token mons.
In future we might even see Bomboid/Musashoid/ spooky restrictions.


I think we should turn all these monsters into limit 1

my team after the limitations, I feel weak

damn ,meatoid get semilimited :joy: :man_facepalming:

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by God not a good rock they let me put

I like it. I don’t understand how Gazer keeps dodging the list but overall pretty good.


gazer not in limited list? hmm maybe they are already take down scorpio ,cobra and flarevern. but no one know gazer will get nerfed again lol

I’ve been saying it since beginning.
They really think gazer is not worth.

Also the ban on cobra was pointless