I miss how at the early release of the game, where you would be like vsing 2nd evolutions and all different monsters, and now its roughly around the same circle of arkadions :frowning:

Does anyone else agree with me on this?

Not a suggestion or anything, just an exciting aspect ! :slight_smile:

Yeah it was more fun when I was able to discover new arcadions that I had yet to see.

I now just mainly see bite schools and fusion monsters.

Bite schools…

<3 Bite Schools…the only Arkadion you can actually count on spawning.  Also moving this topic to General Game Discussion.

The biteschools need an evolution which gives u more xp

Be patient people.  I think  a future update will bring new stuff for us to see.  but then a week later we will be bored  itching for new stuff again.   :wink:

Well if the new update is going to be as easy as the game Before the update then were getting bored…

Not that I dont want the update and Iknow that i have to be patient Before its really hard but startpunt off this easy

I’d love some new fusions for a lot of the lost 4*-7* monsters that get forgotten because there’s better monsters that are just as common. Like how Hedgeheat and Scorchtail are totally outclassed by the equally common Tinder/Fireheart, or how all those early birds are completely outclassed by Pengboss.(not to mention The Don).

Fusions that evolve would be cool too. My Bearfist and Flamorider want to make a comeback!

This is one of the reasons why i restart my saves. It’s really nostalgic, going through the game again.

I ment during pvp!

Nostalgic as, mid evolutions !

Who didn’t like seeing frostkits 2nd/3rd evolution , and being like woah, tuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Now its all Glazios and stuff :open_mouth:

Well, sort of. xD Once I met a guy with a frostbite… and I really did feel nostalgia. I think the ability to use lower evos would be really awesome. It opens a whole new world of PvP.