How to level up your weak arkadion faster?

So i don’t know if anyone find this out yet, but i think i found a good place to level up your hatchlings and other arkadions that you want in the PVP or for the battle with arkwing. Well the location is south west of

reijin on the shore. From there you will battle a lot of biteschool like about 9 to 20 of them. They are not that strong so they should be easy to handle just have powerful arkadions that can take them down with one hit. The experience is high once you finish like around 3000 to 7000 depending on how much you face. I trained my seabite and lavaraptor there and they gain levels much quicker. I just wanted share this with yall hope this helps :slight_smile:

Can you post a screen shot of the exact spot :slight_smile: thanks!

I didnt get a screen shot but i think i found the spot he described. Just go to the very last spot on the sw side of the island. Should be the the end of the penisula. Let see if i can get a screen shot…

Right here