**Monster Diversity... Thoughts?

Hello everyone, i was just like to put an idea out there for the game. I love Hunter Island, it is my favorite game on my iphone, but it has some room for improvement. Granted, it is extremely fun, and it is in its early stages, but it can be  GREAT. In my opinion, i believe that there arent enough monster classes. There should be more than Fire,Water,Earth,Air,and Elementless… Some monsters for example are more Ice types than water, while others are more bug types than earth types. There should be a metal type, Electric type, Dragon type etc. “element” rather than a metal monster under the class “elementless” This would add a more diverse amount of monsters and make it A LOT more strategic in PVP as there are more types, so there are more strengths and weaknesses. Just wondering what you guys think about maybe the addition of more classes/types… It would make the game all the more fun :ph34r: :P ​ 

I support this!

Don’t forget that there are also moves that are more effective on monster species. So not only types, but their species. Like beast bane does more damage to beast arks, etc. So in a sense, there’s more than the simple fire water air typing ;3

I think the problem is that some of the “bane” moves are much rarer than others, despite some typings being fairly common. For example, I think Mysticbane is only on Shisaguard, when there are half a dozen or more Mystic typed monsters. Same with Angelicbane only being present on Bloodclaw. Some of these could become more available on non-egg arks to be viable counters.

Gryphon I recall has angelicbane as well. My main point was that there’s also the species moves as well which kinda count. But yes true indeed on some points :3

Given that you only have three monsters out at a time, and most monsters can’t freely switch in and out of the front line, adding more types would make the game far more reliant on match-up luck, with most of the battle being decided before it even starts.

The bigger problem with diversity right now is simply that Shadow/Holy/Elementless Arks generally render elemental Arks completely useless, unless they’re blatantly overpowered. Right now, there are only four types of Arks in PVP:

  1. stunners

  2. wyrms

  3. shadow/holy Arks

  4. special Arks (Egg, OM, and Penguini)

Since all the “normal” elemental Arks are completely shut down by the all-too-common Necrodrake and Barricadus, there’s no reason to use them whatsoever. The fact that Barricadus completely neuters 90% of the game is ridiculous. The metagame is at a point right now where having Barricadus and Shadowlance (and to a lesser extent, Necrodrake and Plasmorex) on every team is compulsory, because they just dominate elemental Arks so hard. And logically, their omnipresence then requires every team to pack Angelon, Luxknight, and as many elementless Arks as you have (which always includes Omegawyrm and Arkwing, and frequently Nilox/Nilomoth). By this point, over half of every team is locked in stone, and the other half goes to all the egg/OM monsters you have, and then your choice of either more Wyrms or random stunners.

It’s sad that the only “normal” elemental Arks worth using in PVP (off the top of my head) are Gremknight and Raijin. Stormfox and Chopperbug have their uses too, but they’re just gimmicks, not something you’d be proud to train. Everything you caught in the story that isn’t a shadow/holy fusion or a wyrm is useless. There are people still using the other elemental dragons (Raptorex, Georex, Leviathan, Pyroviper) and Dreadwolf/Tremorback, but only as fillers until they get more gold eggs.

Anyway, point is, a few things need to be done to increase the number of monsters we see. One, shadow and holy need to lose their ridiculous advantages over elemental Arks, or at least lessen it a bit. Two, give the “ordinary” elemental Arks a few special skills that make them worth using, even compared to egg-only Arks. Three, nerf Stegospike and Minespider. Four, give some of the 6* and 7* Arks ways to be useful in PVP, like special PVP-only skills, or the ability to use attacks of different elements (ala Pengboss with Submerge, or Tidalwhale with Avalanche).

TL;DR- Use Stegospike.

It would be cool to have two types involved for added damage.


Fire beats earth right. does 120% of damage instead of 100%

Lets say dragon beats dragon in this example. does 120% of damage instead of 100%

So Fire dragon hits earth dragon for 144% of damage.

That would be cool.

I personally do not use holy/shadow arks in my pvp team. Shadow because it’s unreliable, holy because I just don’t like it. :stuck_out_tongue: Neither do I use stegospike anymore, just doesn’t seem right now that it’s overused and going to be nerfed and everything… Minespider can be killed a little easily, don’t see why there needs to be a nerf there… And most shadow arks are basically wasted monster slots when u enter master league in pvp.

I think the two used shadow arks in master are destructor and barry, and I wouldn’t consider them wasted slots, but for the most part I’m not a huge fan of them… well except for barry, i love him.(and probably destructor but i dont have him so I couldn’t really weigh in there.)

PVP can have its own realm, Im just saying the story mode/campaign would be a lot more fun with more types/classes of monsters (cough likepokemon cough) I mean this game is based on Pokemon, of course they changed a ton of things, but its clearly based on Polemon. Pokemon has tons of classes and that what makes is SOOOO fun! OF course Hunter Island doesnt want to be a pokemon copy, but if it is extremely popular on one game, why not “borrow” that element and incorporate it in this game. This would help solve that PVP aspect as well… There would not be any “weak” normal monster, since now there are more strengths and weaknesses that one has to think about

I do like the idea, that would be a large system change though. Maybe it’s something they’ll incorporate elsewhere though maybe in Dragon island red, or one of their other upcomming games. I know micromon is looking more and more like what you’re talking about here. But as far as seeing something quite as large a change as what you’re describing here might not be as possible as we’d like. Adding more types would involve major balancing not just on newly introduced types but on existing ones. I know they are still adding ARKs to the game but types might be out of reach, I’m not saying it’s impossible ,becuase it’s not, it would be a rather large undertaking though. Some major design peices would need adding too, and that’s more where the long term work would be.

I do like your suggestion a lot though, i don’t want you to think i dont.

But the problem here is that shadow and holy are not op, as stated above. One hit from luxknight can kill a destructor, or any other shadow ark, except maybe barricadus. But think about it, what move can actually one hit KO say a subzeratops? Even destructor did not manage to kill it even with dracobane. And I think barricadus has been mentioned in another thread as not so good lol…
I don’t really agree with it, but mostly use barricadus as offense rather defense, partly because it can’t even take three hits from holy arks.

They’re not OP compared to each other, or to the blatantly overpowered mission/egg monsters. I know one of the mods also mentioned a Metal Slash attack that hits all opponents… but that’s also bound to be a special event or egg monster too. Everything good is.

What elemental monsters can you actually catch IN-GAME that can stand up to Barricadus, Angelon and Omegaworm/Arkwing? Not a damn thing.

Barry- luxknight, angelon, shadowlamce, vegitiger (all obtainable with work)
Angelon - Levi, vegi, omega, even pearex
Omega/arkwing - nilos(final evolve), nilomoth, omega, arkwing, vegi, Levi, pearex

All catchable in game maybe not elemental, but still obtainable through normal means.

Yeah, that’s… exactly the point.

What do you mean by “elemental” monsters? Are you refering to Arks that have an elemental advantage over Barricadus, Angelon and Omegawyrm/Arkwing?

Most holy monsters stand a decent chance vs. Barricadus, Angelon is susceptible to anything with Dracobane that isn’t Shadow element and Omegawyrm/Arkwing are also susceptible to Dracobane, as well as any other Elementless arkadion (but the reverse is also true). YonFire’s list above is already a pretty good indication that there are non-egg arks you can use to combat that trio.

If all else fails, you can use that same trio anyway, given that they are also available to catch in-game.

Which, again, is exactly the point. You’re basically forced to use the same thing, because nothing else in the game is viable against it. The entire metagame right now is split into two halves: event monsters that very few people have access to, and shadow/holy/elementless monsters that everyone has access to. 

I’m sure the metagame for the pro egg timers and big spenders is full of fun variety. But for those who don’t have access to those special monsters, there are about ten monsters that are a required staple of every single team. You absolutely need to carry Shadowlance, Angelon, and Luxknight, or else you can’t kill any shadow monsters. Arkwing and the three fusion Wyrms are necessities because they’re just absurdly powerful. You have a few generic fillers, like Necrodrake, Anubis, Nilox, and Nilomoth, simply because they don’t have to worry about type weaknesses. And then Barricadus is a generic catch-all, since it’s a hard counter to everything I didn’t already mention. 

That’s 10-12 members of every single team already, for people that don’t have access to gold egg monsters or online mission prizes. The other slots typically go to Penguini, Dreadwolf, Raijin, Gremknight, or Plasmorex. What else can you catch in-game that’s really worth using? We’re not talking about how to win here, we’re talking about the severe lack of variety involved. As far as endgame monsters go, I’m seeing one water, a handful of air gimmicks, and absolutely everything else is exactly the same. 

I don’t know why people are skirting the question, giving answers that only reinforce the original point. It’s a simple question- What monsters are worth using that aren’t:

a) from gold eggs or special events

b) dragons

c) starters

d) shadow/holy/elementless

e) used mainly for stun abuse

Let me out something in perspective for you…

a) from gold eggs or special events (this is quite a few and I’ve got a bone to pick on the inclusion of this on your list , see below)
B. dragons > how many arks is that? Over 30 of all different types? Dragons are cool and have been a big selling point of their last game, why not promote here (where it’s been well received I might add)
c) starters (so your going to eliminate these 16 (18 if you include the fusions) because why?)
d) shadow/holy/elementless (eliminating another 20+ because you think they’re over powered?)
e) used mainly for stun abuse (being fixed next update so not as big an issue as you would think)

Now onto A. It bothers me seeing that there as an exclusion. They(the dev’s) are adding new content for us. And for now it is a bit of an exclusivity to own certain arks. I personally missed out on destructor and would love to have him… But I don’t and I wreck without him, but back on point. While it can be hard to obtain certain ARKs it is very possible to do so if you work at it. Since the inclusion of the fair opportunity online mission push, I’ve been waiting to rush a dungeon until I see an ARK I don’t want to rely on eggs for. So it’s not like you don’t have a choice in the matter of not being able to obtain powerful arks.

Now it seems to me your team may be lacking? Wether that be in the diversity you want or the power level you are seeking, but here is a great tip for you all those Egg-sclusive (see what I did there) arks and OM arks will. At some point in time be available through normal catch means. So guess what in a few months when the current stuff your complaining about becomes available to everyone you won’t be able to complain about not seeing as much diversity. But I can guarantee if you don’t work at getting the rarer OM arks you be feeling this same way, “why is everyone using the same arks” when they are new there is hype and people will use it because it’s shiny and new. Get with it, be competitive and quit complaining, game is growing every week with new ARK and strategy. For you to say there’s no diversity means your not using your imagination to create something new. From last week to this week people have grown their rosters to be more diverse, I think you want it all and you want it all available now, be patient and enjoy slowly learning the current ARKs so when more are released you know what they’re used for. They will come and there will be more availability.

Tl;DR? PvP is naturally competitive, and the only way to keep it as such is to have exclusivity. Giving people who work incredibly hard to get all the OM’s and egg only arks an advantage in PVP is not what the dev’s are doing they are simply keeping it competitive by applying the best practices for a competitive, engaging, market and do you know what that is? A limit or a cap. At least for now.

Get with the show or don’t. Enjoy the game now or wait for everything to be available. But don’t complain it won’t solve anything.

Back on point after someone Decided to rant on an otherwise enjoyable topic. I still like the main point of the OP’s topic, I wish others would stay with the original discussion as this was not a complaint thread but more of an “input welcomed to my thoughts and suggestion thread”.