New moves!!!

I don’t know if anybody mentioned this and I thought that maybe the devs could implement this, well I was thinking that maybe they could add more moves to the arks as they progress. I have several arks with just 3 moves and I don’t like it. I like to have options and it would also make online PvP a lot more strategical and less about being lucky with gold eggs. Because that’s basically what it is now. I’m not gonna brag but I have some pretty awesome arks that I’ve worked my butt off to get(the wyrms) also a couple of the monsters from as PvP prizes and they seem to me no match for those lucky enough to have gotten a stegospike or a charcalynx. I’m not saying to remove them from gold eggs I just want more strategy when it comes to battles and that comes with different moves and the choice of which moves your ark keeps.

Maybe I’m just venting after losing so much in PvP but I believe it’s a fair argument.

It’s already strategical. People with good, exclusive monsters can be beaten. Even arkadions that haven’t been released can be beaten. So if I can beat a team full of mostly 10-12 stars with my team of mostly 9-10 stars, I think you guys can use 8-9 stars to beat 9-11 stars.

…it’s just…very difficult…ahahaha. Regardless, these monsters will be released through online missions anyways. Just be patient.

But…I love the idea of getting new moves. It would make things more interesting

Well I did not get this game when it came out and I’ve never played dib so I’m fairly new to these types of games other than pokemon though I’ve looked far and wide for games like it and I love this game and the story line but the only thing that bothers me is the lack of moves or attacks. And as for strategy I believe I’m a very strategical person and I do have a pretty good team as far as catchable arks because I had zero luck in golden eggs and I didn’t realize that there was a pattern by the 3rd first one and didn’t want to spend that time to time my eggs but I did try and I do know that the monsters repeat about every 20 seconds with about 2 seconds of stopping time. But that’s out of the subject.

I just believe that new moves will definitely improve the gameplay and PvP.