NMEduck’s PvP Season 53-54 Balance Change Poll

That monster just sits there after accelerating the team at 99 speed. If anything its just a fodder for Aviaeronix

It can lifeflip then zealous attack to kill itself off if you don’t need it for the stun protection. It’s basically like an alternative to Flutterdrake Iris

Our story will never end since it start in a PvP were I was using a red icon and a awakened Bastia in my Frontline, since then u been hating me :joy: and it’s kinda funny in fact I mean… U do hate bastia a lot and u hate me a lot so it’s all clear lmfao

Yes, can confirm. Prixis was a mythic I needed to complete that fast frontline. If I can kill/knockback 2-4 enemies just at the start, and sakura sleeps even 1 out of the next ones or gets a turn with stun, then it’s easy GG.

There is no way to have a decent win rate not running a fast frontline. If you run something slower but maybe more “interesting and fun”, then you are in situation where enemy has 4 turns before you and will completely destroy you before you get a single turn.

Also keeping 80speed Gremoris at the 5th to make it even faster to gain complete control and lock others in situation like this:

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No, Loki I don’t hate you because of Bastia or a red icon. I can’t even remember what you are talking about lol.

I dislike your attitude most of the time but I don’t hate you. I dislike that you are disrespectful towards many people. I dislike that you keep harassing users like Purple Heart who told you several times that it’s not fun for her and that you should leave her alone. I mean you got perma banned from the freakin discord. I dislike that you keep asking for appreciation by the community which is super annoying. Remember that thread when people should post their lists of the strongest players. You’re only mention was for being Cuban. You didn’t get a single mention for being a good player. And that’s not because you’re annoying. Mr X was also annoying but everybody agreed he was a strong player.

It’s because you’re so desperate for appreciation and recognition that it always evades you when you’re coming close. You’re the tantalus of this game loki. Appreciation being right there above you but you will never reach it as long as you keep behaving like this.

So no Loki. I don’t hate you. I feel sorry for you and I sincerely hope you that at one point you will be able to reflect upon your own behavior.

I think you’re right, but it’s also very hard to receive those comments, I don’t justify it, but I don’t want Loki to feel bad either (sorry, I know I don’t have to get into his discussion)

Your team is freakishly good “No more words, Your Honor.”

Too slow man , "life flip self " is 85sec (+9) its different like bronzeshell 42sec (+9). Its not good As I expected ,but very well to counter monster like Dragulus.

Wait wait what? When i asked for something like that? , I really think that u went overboard with that “psychologist attitude” But I can assure u that it is not like that

Why u keep saying this? If u think that that thing hurt me u are very wrong, look, a lot of ppl, really good ppl already say that I’m good, yes i can’t spect everyone come to my DM to tell me that I am the best , of course that will never happen but that’s the best thing Sherlock i don’t need ppl to tell me that I’m great or the best , i have very clear in my weird mind that I’m good and I have prove to myself a lot of times…i really don’t need the community approval, i’m a big believer that everyone has their thoughts and no one can change them so i never expect to get everything i got and be called “GOAT” , even being me I have a lot of friends and ppl who trust me and do believe that I’m good so why I need more? I mean i will never have all so it’s okay

U will be surprised…

Now this is kinda ridiculous :skull_and_crossbones: I’m not an stupid kid that will get fell bad with a commentary u guys can say whatever u think about me…I kinda like see what ppl think


Some of these you mention are weaker now with the addition of Gaiawolf. Aurealeus FL will slowly disappear and PvPs will become more Ap dependent again (and so I’ve seen so far). Just wait a few days for players to interiorize actual changes.
Front lines do are too fast from a while now. I hope this to be reverted in a near future . Sometimes you start your battle with half your team dead. Slow FL had their beauty and I miss the possibility to play them

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Doesnt look like it, we just got another myth and its 77% speed, perfect for zibe retrib front

Talking about her…Have you guys noticed the curious movement she makes with the sword between her uncovered boobs? Can we consider that as an statement saying now we play a p__orn game? Will this game be added at “suggested p__orn games” in pornhub?

And also, is there a real need to use filters here in the forum when the game we are talking about is a p_orn game? :rofl::rofl:

I’ll ask you not to delete these messages @Killerdog . This is a real complain.


shhhhhhhh she is perfect like that stop complaining lmfao

Why ?

I don’t think the fast Fl, because it offers perfect control, I had to create a fast Fl to counter the fast Fl

Nice top 1 @NMEduck