Next update please include.....


Ok I won’t stop till its implemented. Devs next update please more rewards obtainable via friend points and also allow us to sell/trade our overstacked useless ingredients for something else like pots, gems and other goods. Claim all button then also endless pvp where after every 15k rp, you get 1 gem then implement 5 days ranked pvp every month and adjust the rewards for wins and rps, for wins accumulate all those rewards at 80 wins then RP should be at 60k still, this is to reduce the pvp grind. Anyone else please add suggestions.



I agree with everything in Principle. Not all the details but the principles behind your post.

I have come to enjoy the 1 week PvP break. But will be happy with endless as well.

At the moment there is simply way to much grind to get both legend pots. 150 wins is ridiculous Devs! Reduce it to 120 at the very least. I think 80 isn’t enough effort. 100 would be balanced.

Especially considering not everybody has a high win rate. I got 150 wins with a win rate of 54.5%.

That is a BIG grind.



Exactly my point, in endless pvp, you are not forced to grind and everyone can enjoy coz there’s something to do and they can test out teams without the win rates. Win rates will matter when the rank pvp starts.



I would like to see a low chance for a “mystery egg” in friend chest !!



I like this can help each other to get mystery eggs and in turn get more people playing to work together to get a mystery egg



I’m liking all of these ideas, I fully concur with all of them



Why are you trying to make ranked pvp a 5 day grind ?



From what I understand the amount you’d need to grind would be adjusted



That way if unexpected things come up we can make a comback. Plus ranked is the most fun part of PvP IMO.

Top 3 players will hate this idea probably because they grind way to much during ranked. Hence it will annoy you, plus you guys can’t make comebacks to be ranked one if you stop playing but I think this will be liked by the majority.

Another positive with giving more days for ranked is that it keeps people honest. At the moment players can play for one day win heaps of battles sometimes easy ones and stop playing completely then still end up ranked in top 100. 5 days will make them slide further down… inactivity should be penalised IMHO. Even if we never go for 5 days ranked.

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Whats your problem with it? Its always been 5 days since first part of pvp is not ranked and doesnt give out ratings to determine your rank. I’m just suggesting to cut the grind for the rewards and be mixed with ranked pvp in one go like the old days.



Ye neo monsters already improves our strategy making capabilities . With this , they can foster friendship,fraternity,unity !!

Devs, you must give us mystery eggs in friend chest and help us develop strong bonds of friendship and fun for playing together .



Hmm I feel people want it longer so they can have more chance to get top 10-50-100
Am I wrong



Exactly it’s the community end of the day that keeps the game running if you felt alone while playing most people would quit



Ultimately just having an open Pvp at all times no rank no win rate etc would be cool but.i think devs don’t do this due to strain on servers



Lol 1st part of pvp doesnt give ratings and doesnt affect our pvp rankings, otherwise if first part did affect then I wouldnt be in top 20 in the first place with a win rate of 63%. So not sure what the fuss is.



Nah it wont strain the servers as we almost already have an endless pvp anyway. I’m just reducing the grind for the rewards from weeks to days.



For some reason Ranked PvP felt like 4 days to me. Haha I didn’t even notice it was 5 already. I thought you wanted to increase it. I want it increased.



You do know if they did this we will be getting 4 star monsters every time. But hey I like the idea



@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD be like:


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Does Regalion forbid Null’s Execute? @Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD If not, please fix this in next update.

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