PvP ranking system thoughts

Got an idea for the ranking system. Keep it exactly the same as it is, only once the season is over, the top 10 players are ordered based on their win loss ratio during the ranking part.

That way, you still have to play a lot to get to the top 10. you couldn’t simply play a few games and get 100% because you’ll never make the top 10 so the ratio is irrelevant. But the advantage is you don’t have to put-grind someone to get top 3 either. The winner would be based more on their skill/ team.

I actually think this would encourage players to play even more games, as the battle for top 10 would be tighter. It means that a player could come first even though they had plans all weekend. As long as they play enough to get Top 10, the best ratio wins.

Any thoughts welcome :blush:


Very interesting idea, not sure how I feel about it. The Devs would definitely need to implement a way to see other people’s win rate on the leaderboard, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to see if we need to win more or not.

Win loss ratio should be reset for ranked anyway. It would just be a case of displaying it then :blush:

There’s no drawback though because players would still have to play a lot of games to hit top 10 :blush:

The more I think about it, the more certain I am I like it lots. I think this idea is pretty much ideal for determining the top 10 ranks.

The current grinding system does work too, in theory. However, we’ve seen from practice how very few people are willing to grind 3-4 days straight.

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@Dev_VKC what do you think?

“So you want us to change the top 10’s pvp?”

Reduces gem rewards

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To be completely honest top 5 doesnt require much grind it takes about 2 days in order to reach rank 1 or 2 in almost every pvp i rarely play the third day to maintain rank 1.

Well i know its alot harder for others since i usally average 90%+ winrate.

I dont know why they reduced the gem reward thinking that they will make the game more competitive no its definitely a step in the wrong direction and kills the desire to play.

So it would be Ranking points + win loss ratio? Because playing 5 matches and winning them all shouldnt bring you into top ten :sweat_smile:

I think everybody in this forum understood finally that you

  1. Don’t grind at all and get easily place 1
  2. Have 90%+ win ratio
  3. Are mad about the the few gems reduced for placement 1 to 3 ( which is mostly affecting 3 players)

Let me ask you where did the devs said that the game is more competitive when they reduce the gems for top ranks. I don’t get it

And telling that you don’t play on 3rd day mostly while you have over 70k ranking points means actually that you play at least 70 games in 3 days if we are talking about a 100% winrate. If that is not a grind you didn’t understand what grind means

Like i said its a step in the wrong direction if they wanted the game to become more competitive they should have increased the rewards.

70k isnt much and should be completed roughly within 4-5 hours speaking if each game took 5min each and you have 3 days to complete it.

You have 12 tickets. Wtf are you talking about. Your calculations are far away from any reality jesus christ

I think it’s fairly obvious that the top few people aren’t there because of their skill in team building but rather because they apparently have no other life commitments to attend to during the ranked pvp.

If the meta were to ever shift (or AP’s weren’t allowed in a pvp?) the top ten would look a lot different because people would have to rely on skill.

I think this would help reveal who’s real and who’s not. I like the idea.

@Mr.X literally no one cares about your alleged win rate


@Guesswhosback No, you have to get top 10 first the usual way. Then it’s reordered on win loss when the event is over.

@dragonkingOES I don’t see why the rewards would need to change

@Mr.X it takes a lot of grind imo

By the time you complete the initial 12 tickets you should have gained 3 more so that sums 15 tickets on average it would take 1 hour or 1:30 in order to complete that then let the time goes by untill you have 12 tickets again.

Am stating my winrate since its been very consistent through out the last pvps and it can ve used as a measurement for pvp for the top 10.

Anyone top 50 can get a sense of who’s a good team builder and can make intelligent plays during the match. Anyone top 50 can also spot heavy reliance on RNG and unoriginality.

So let’s do this new system to find out who’s real and who’s got more free time.

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I’m not real and only have a moderate amount of free time.

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From my experience, each match takes an average of 6-10 minutes… especially when you count matchmaking time. You get a ticket every 30 minutes, 48 per day.

Let’s assume average is 8 minutes to use a ticket. You start right when PvP opens and grind the first day using all tickets…
12 initial tickets = 96 minutes
.+ 4 bonus during that time = 32 minutes
44 gained over the day = 352 minutes

Total time spent grinding on day 1 = 8 hours exactly
Day 2 is less because you don’t have the initial tickets, call it 7 hours.

7-8 hours a day spent grinding PvP is literally a day job. I could plan to do that and go for it on one day, others probably could too. However, doing it for 3-4 days straight is a ridiculous amount of effort. Also, it requires full attention unlike grinding for UC where you can concentrate less or put down the phone whenever you want to.

I like grinding and I enjoy the new ranking system for PvP much more than the old one. However, the top few positions come down to who wants to commit to up to 20-25 hours of grinding over a weekend. I think it would create much healthier competition at the top if the top 10 got ranked based on their win rate. If people have a good win rate they will grind to get enough score for the top 10, there will be great competition for that.


Lets be honest, keeping the system exactly as it is and then reordering top 10 on ratio, once the event is complete is hardly going to change much is it? But it will give the top prizes to the best players and team builder, not the player who can grind the most (not pointing any fingers)

The old system was all about winrate and was changed since when the top player hits a peak he will stop playing since he would get few points per game and would lose a lot in return i dont think they will bring that old system back and what your asking for is very close to what the old system was.

I do think the old system was better since you dont have to play once you hit the peak.