New SSR Yuki

I am curious about what you think about her. In my. Opinion she is the strongest release since Astrid (fire version). Imagine casting freeze on a water elemental auto protector with 90% damage reduction. She heals herself for 30% of her life without any condition every time she gets a turn and have high damage with low tu. I was going to wait for an Astrid festival but I am really considering to spend my soul stones for getting her.
Your thoughts?

got 12 ssr weapons before finally get a ssr character.
I tested her. She doesnt heal herself Every Time she gets a move. A Frozen ally heals 30% of lp in Frozen state + 90% damage reduction

Then it’s a mistake in German translation? I was going to roll for her. That’s pretty bad tbh😕

I think so…
I wondered why she didnt generate new lp each turn, then i saw that Frozen allies got 30% lp… Its good to heal Monsters with high tu moves. Evolved yuki will be a beast with her 4th move

@eNjiin I would wait. She is good but I think the Fornaxes dragon might be what you want to aim for. You see him at the end of the event in the extra stages. He’s similar to Deodragon in neo if I read his skills correctly. He might be what you want to save your gems on.

Yuki would be worth it in my opinion if you have a strong water team though.

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@eNjiin on closer look at Fornaxes, he isn’t game breaking. He is cool looking but only really works when you have low spirit. Super useful in that scenario. Astrid still is better than both.

Well I had 7k soul stones. Spend 3k for the frost ssr but got unlucky
I will keep the rest for astrid but still the wrong description is a thing. I dont know about the english version but in the German version it clearly states as passive that she is regenerating whenever she gets a turn. Like @Moking already confirmed this belings only to frozen units… can you confirm that the english version is at least correct ?

Here you go

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German version clearly says nothing about frozen units. It says whenever the user gets the turn it will heal 30% of max hp

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Very strange. I sense 500 soul gems and an update in the near future.