I collected many soul stones to get an ssr. I already had 4, but I want to fill my story team with ssr units. I got Shirra and was hyped bcs I haven’t got a plant element or whatever the green one is. But when I checked her moveset, I was dissapointed. Her moveset was trash in my opinion. But that is just me. Do you think I am lucky? Is Shirra good?
Bonus question: Why is getting soul stones so hard?

Shirra is a support unit u can pair her with Endless Rizette (Use her sword Deathbreaker to deal more dmg)
Getting ss was hard before 2.0
I used to get 4-5k a month before 2.0 I didn’t play afterward but I heard now u can get 4k ss in two weeks if you do decent in Arena

btw you can go to evertale discord to ask these questions to some veterans.

Those 2 will never go together… not if the person is sane atleast……

As Evertale Discord moderator, I hate and agree with that at same time