New player's thoughts & a call for assistance!

Hey everyone!
Have been playing for a few days (almost a week) now and I can say that this game is actually pretty damn good. The story is a bit shrouded in mystery but I can see where it is headed, but still nothing spectacular but overall good. The pacing of the game I really like, there is a linear difficulty increase on each league, but, at least so far (Champion League) has been a piece of cake. I opted on starting with the Fire starter, didn’t know which was good or not, but how wrong can you go with a fire gorilla.

As mentioned above I am currently on Cursed Island, I have ultra evolved a couple of my strongest monsters (Redkong, Armadiator, Onikage) and they have allowed me, especially Armadiator, to progress with certain ease at the game. But through that progress I have opened a multitude of eggs, in my extreme luck and favour of the RNG Gods, I have aquired Luxsquire, Auralux and Lavahawk. All three of them look strong I guess, but I have a huge issue.
The issue that I am currently facing is Training Sessions for my monsters. I kept my highest star monsters without training them up to the point where I could train them with 60 points at once. And I did, it was pretty good. But the issue is that at my current level I can do the Youth Fruit battles x2 times until my tickets run out.
I am in desperate need to hear some veteran’s thoughts on if I should keep spending my tickets on the Youth Fruit battles (in my eyes it is not very worth it) or if there is an alternative solution on grinding Youth Fruits which I am unaware of, or not yet came across it.
Any other insight of the game is also appreciated.


Trainer’s dojo gives youth fruits

And it’s free of tickets

You need to play events to get more gems

I have finished all of the Trainer’s dojo, and mistakenly I used those fruits very early in the game and on monsters that I have yet to ultra evolve, and to be honest I don’t think that I will…

There’s friend chest

With Friend’s Chest, I get a daily opening of 5. Out of those 5, the 3 or 4 of them contain silver with a small percentage of them actually containing Youth Fruits. So far I think that have opened around 60 of them and I got the yellow Youth Fruit (10 training sessions) 2 times and around 5 or 6 blue Youth Fruits overall. I mean its not bad, because you need the silver as well, and after a couple of days what you get from the Friend’s Chest stacks up which is nice.

Where do you farm Youth Fruits, only from the ticket battle that you pay 1 gold key to open?
If yes, what is your level? Cause if you are pretty high level I can see how you can get multiple Youth Fruits after a few battles…

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Yeah i’m at hero rank 138, my suggestion for you is probably just to increase your hero rank so you get more tickets


Increase your hero rank first so u have around 50 tickets then on 4 September (12 days after) there will be super power up event (in special Ingredients mission) which gives u 3 yellow de-aging fruits and good amount of silver coins daily for 4 days.

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the electric starter is the best out of them go get yourself a galvbane :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Idk who the ■■■■ you are @DMG_Axel, but you’re ok in my book :+1:


hahahaha, it was the starter i chose and it turned out to be the best out of the four :heart:


@Catfish I started years ago but I still remember that beginning stage where youth fruit, silver and ingredients are in short supply! Ultimately it just takes time. Over the next few days/weeks you’ll manage to farm what you need and get your monsters in better shape. Each time you level up your tickets get refilled so as you continue to level up you’ll have more tickets to spend on the stuff you need. That said, the youth fruit mission gives barely any exp!

As you noted, the difficulty has a linear progression at the beginning and this desperate need for youth fruit, silver and ingredients to advance your monsters is what holds you back so you have a more balanced experience.

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Yeah, the ultra evolution process is incredibly daunting at first. But the game’s come a very long way in supplying stuff for all your needs! I would suggest focusing on getting that hero rank up, so you can increase your ticket capacity and not have to come back so frequently. If you’ve got a bunch of time to kill, I’d suggest hitting the biweekly missions, so that you can get a feel for what high end combat looks like, and get a hands on view of various game mechanics you may not have access to yet. If you badly need ingredients, the elemental dungeon that’s currently on can be an enormous help; 25 tickets for 3 ingredients, all of an element of your choice. If you want to really stack up on fruits and silver, hurry up and get your ticket cap up to 40 so that you can hit the super power up event once it rolls back around. Other than that, the best you can really do is keep on making use of those tickets!

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