Newish Player, Couple of Quick Questions

Hello All, I’ve been playing this game for about a couple of weeks now off and on, and I have a few questions in regards to playing.

I currently am about level 17 playing through the story missions. I there a best place to grind for specific brackets? Like grind Chapter 1, till level 10, then Chapter 2 till level 25 etc…

Also, I have used my gems, and a few that I bought for summoning. Should I continue this or would it be more productive to use what gems I do get to refill my tickets. I currently have two legendaries, both have reached their max evolution’s without having to do the ultra evolution’s. 

I have quite a few Super Epics and my team I feel is ok, I did a few ultra evo quests and trying for the crystal and gold coins etc were rather tough. 

Should I just center on gathering de-aging fruits to max training or progress the story to reach a certain leveling spot. 

thanks all for the advice. 

check the beginner guide I’m building for some answers:

just to quickly answer your questions and spare you the search - save gems for festival eggs - dont refill tickets its a waste.

try to get materials to ultra evolve your monsters - dont just spend everything on training stuff to max - focus on the monsters that are most important to your team.

don’t grind specific levels in chapters. just continue onwards in the story missions (don’t forget about the side missions either you can get easy gems from those )

best way to use gems are the the festival eggs don’t use them for refill it’s a big waste since the gems are hard to get in later game if you don’t buy them. Use de-aging fruit on the monsters that worth it I don’t what you have so I can’t really tell much more. The best mission for grind is chapter 4 hidden temple, the dungeon. if you still have question just ask.