New player, seeking some help

Been playing almost 2 weeks.
Is necropion good at his second evolution, and where do I get vorabook?
Same for shuriking as these are my only mythic and legendaries.
Should I just evolve all my super epics or focus on a select few? All owned are in the picture, this isn’t the team I use.
Are there any epics worth evolving?
Can I sell all my super rare and lower monsters to get rid of clutter?
Last is are the starting 4 elemental epic monsters worth fully evolving?
Thank you for your help!

Focus on evolving your super epics first, before epics, then try them out and try to strategically build teams with them.

Your mythic is not super useful in the second form, you might struggle to utilise it properly (2 kills for bloodthirst), but until you get better monsters it will be great. Shurikaizer is a nice legendary but it won’t be killing through all the enemies in a team. It’s more about having a mixture between distracting the enemies and grabbing a few kills.

You can get a Vorabook every 16 days from the special ingredients missions, the one where you get to pick a rare ingredient. The next one will be in about 9 days I think. You will also get them from some online events and other online content (story events).

Thanks for the reply! I’m a little confused about my mythic tho, it already takes me 2 kills to activate bloodthirst?

If I were you I’d start again and reroll for better legendaries

Ouch, my monsters are that bad?

Do you have any death revenge?!

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I didn’t even know that was a thing, I’ve only seen stun and poison revenge…

Your monsters are not bad, I recommend you stick with it. Many people here are long-time players and only focus on the very best monsters, calling all others useless. Also, GaryOak is almost always trolling when he writes a post. He loves death revenge and jokes about everything else being useless.

The only issue with your legendary and mythic is they have niche use (until the mythic is awakened - need 4 copies of it for that). That will make your time in the early-game a little trickier until you’ve got more legendaries, but don’t stress over it too much because you’ll get more with time.


Hey KD I’ve been searching your posts all morning! Thanks for the advice, I rerolled about 7 times this morning and ended up with a B tier legendary so I went back to my account. After all I was having fun with it and will just ride it out