Who To Evolve? - Help please

Also, how do you guys determine what to evolve next? Especially with rares

I would say evolve ur airwing or how its called into ventokaizer and then gearwolf, desperate double can be very Strong and Team turners are one of the best super epics, protect focus mons Are not that great due to their Lack of hold Ground and stun absorb, Double Death sentence Mons are like the worst super epics in the game so ignore that one lol

Yeah my goal was team turn, but I keep having horrible luck getting his pyramid thing

I didnt got a holy mid After 20 tries so i feel u:D

I’d really like to know how you guys determine what epics to do.

It all depends on what you have (monster wise and material wise) and what you need (both here as well)

Try to initially evolve those monsters that you use in your current line-up if you feel your line-up cannot be improved upon with the current monsters you have.

If you feel your line-up could be improved by other monsters that are currently not in your team try and post in the “build/rate your team” forum thread. Generally people give good advice there. ( be sure to add pictures of current line-up and list view of your monsters not on line-up)

For the epics, Frostknight and dunkleofish are absolute musts. Frostbrave picks up stun revenge, which he can use multiple times with his duplicate, and dunkleosus can get rid of protectors and sleepers. For supers, definitely prioritize gearwolf and ventowyrm.