New monster in IC


While i was playing ic today, i saw this new legendary. Basically it was a samurai doggo, and i’m curious if anyone else had this encounter. It hasn’t even appeared in the list of mons that i’ve seen.


remember any part of the moveset?


Yes, it was a stun converter. Another move was double counterstrike (or double bloodfury, i can’t remember well now), and i think it has something to do with goldoids.


Stun converter again? Goddamn devs enough is enough


here it is, it seems powerful to me. Btw i’m italian so you maybe won’t understand the moveset


English version ?

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Its a high speed stun counter that gets a boost to its moves when there is an epic or lower ally on the field.

I’ve wanted it forever. But now hate this game so IDK if I’ll even bother.

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Double counter Attack, bloodthirst, retribution and summons 2 goldoid

Oh, and LoL for the name


Is that stun counter or converter?


Converter I think.


Yeah it looks like converter. With info leaks people heard it was counter. This looks like a lot of fun getting to buff 0-4* monsters and Canishogun itself looks quite strong.


Do OCR to extract texts, then google translate:

(160 tu) This skill hits two enemies. Inflicts critical damage if the element of one or more targets is strong against the user element. ----so double counter strike
(130 tu) Causes serious damage to 1 enemy. This ability can only be used after each time a teammate dies on the battlefield.
(130 tu) This skill affects 1 enemy. Inflicts critical damage if the user has made at least 2 kills in this battle. This ability deals even more damage with each additional kill. ----bloodthirst
(130 tu) This ability summons 2 Goldoids as your next reinforcements. This ability can only be used once.
(Passsive 1) If an ally with 4 stars or less is present on the battlefield, this monster’s attacks ignore Hold Blood and barriers.
(Passive 2) If this monster is stunned, its seconds are reduced to 0 or as close to 0 as possible. -----so it is stun converter.

@Dev_VKC Please change the type of some rocks before releasing this one, esp the DIAMOND.


Counter strike to fire element not earth.

Diamonds are safe.


Pair this beast with diamond gives you a 95% speed excessive force and you cannot kill it because of diamond. THat is not fun.
The speed of robin is 94% or lower, if you forgot.


And whether hes a stun counter or converter thats gonna wreck a lotta people too.


He is a converter using google translate.
But the most important thing is that everyone can say goodbye to have any fire monster in fl because of it.


Dont forget his Secret Skill. Basically increasing attack and defense of all (!!!) monsters with four star and below by 200 %. I really dont get it, at first they introduce novemdomina, that looks like fire is supposed to finally shine and now this which is basically a nerf for Link fire FLs.


He’s a good counter to inferino and magma and to get the passive going it’s very easy.


All things in this game are supposed to have a counter (except Super Mythic Angelion who is the chosen counter to all).

Unfortunately for us, those counters come in the form of buying the exponentially increasing power creep.

It reminds me of an obnoxious game we played in high school - the salami game - where you take turns saying salami louder and louder than the person who yelled it before.

The game ends when someone yells so loud that nobody else can match it, or when everyone is too embarrassed to yell salami any louder.

And in the end everyone gets in trouble because the teacher finds out. :joy::blush::joy:


Remember this guy:

Going to hit you with a 8760 ATK poison massacre

Or this guy:

Going to hit you with 10800 ATK Assisted Thunder (All)

I dont know if the starters will be treated as epics by this passive but if they will, well…

You want to kill an easy epic AP: I am sorry, but Nimboss has 11100 DEF and actually doesnt think its time for him to go. Try again later.

Ever wondered how it feels if your team gets sweeped by an 10800 ATK Link Double Poison eater. Face Apophisking and find out. This enables some really sick combos with some of the epics.

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