New Legend Monster in IC (2nd form)

imo Really cool Design

I figured we’d be getting seiryu/suzaku but yeah really cool looking. I was wanting a teaser anyways :smiley: Thanks 4 the post. I’m kinda diggin it, but I wanna see that 4th skill XD :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet you it has life flip or something that heals as the 4th move!

Z19 GaryOak

nice keep this leaks on going

4th skill should be something unique…
and SS… :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Stop this stun immune madness, I know where this is going, and I don’t like it, as appreciate a good old stun

They will probably make a move that counters stun immune. (And the world will explode)

I also found a red Kamiwyrm in IC, took some ss, but i dont know how to share them :joy:

Kinda hoping they release him soon… >.> Although I’m looking forward to Suzaku as it might be another phoenix esque monster. :D 

I assumed Kamiwyrm = seiryu and lavaronix = Suzaku. Are they really coming up with 2 new ones?:eyes:

Maybe they aren’t. I kinda forgot or didn’t associate Lava as Suzaku at least (since usually the vermillion bird depicted as elegant) I’m also guessing we may see a new monster this Friday perhaps. :D