New limiteds?

Hey guys I hope everyone is doing well. So I’m about a month or so into the game and I managed to hatch one of the new limited 6 monsters. I may be too new to grasp how to fully use and strategize my team but this guy seems kinda awful for a legendary. Does anyone have any feedback or advice for utilizing him? Thank in advanced and thank you guys so much for all the help and advice so far!

hes good at fl when you want to bring something in but any where else in the team he becomes inconsistent and can backfire

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Wrong @Mr.X !

U can build some nice combos with monsters that has high tu moves right at the beginning…
saw some nice combos with megalodeon (that new water se from dungeon challenge), auraleus (that mythic) and even with Cani + 4* attack all monsters or bunker beast …
On top of that one enemy falls asleep

whitetitan for midgame is risky, because it could give the turn to the highest stunned enemy … propably not a good Place to play

If u want play it with that combo for fast double attack u should get whickerchap (1* catchable monster), lavamane (5* monster), ziberius (6* water monster) or one of these 3 stun legendaries.


He makes for a solid soft counter to stun, and should never be run near a stun monster in any circumstances. Tons of potential for entrance abuse, and ignoring protectors can be quite a big deal.

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BunkerBeast was the combo I created:) yeah he works good in 5th.


Hey thank you so much everyone. So I heard he’s ok with a few monsters, all of which I don’t have haha. Im really not sure where to implement him in my party, and actually if I should even evolve him at all. I believe this is changing topics, but if I linked my current roster would anyone be willing to give advice on where to put him? I really appreciate everyone taking time to post, and I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

Hey, thank you for the reply! By “stun legendaries” do you mean someone with an ability like stun flash (I believe my ultimadragon has that) or a passive like stunning entrance (my cyberion I think has that?)

The best solution would be to catch that monster above and evolve it. It has good speed + stun immunity + senback.

Kiknaz used it to charge immediately his aurleus. That was a strong combo as well :joy: