Friends, i need an advice

A month ago I woke up Vixian. But I feel that I am not using it properly, I do not know what monsters should accompany it, generally I know that it should be the evocation input, but they kill me quickly most of the time, so I feel that I do not know how to configure it in my team, or maybe it’s not very good mythic. Now I use poisonous link because I earn more than with two of my mythical awake, and that makes me sad. Any player who can give me advice to make a strong team. Cheers

You have my condolences. #BudgetNa’turgoul

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Ohhh men :pensive: is she a sh**it?

Don’t say like that, she has a very nice bond icon.

Ha ha ha :man_facepalming:t3:

You need a team that makes LOTS of rockoids. If you are, she can sweep very nicely. However, it’s a big requirement and to make a good team around rocks takes a big collection

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or an awakened natur

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Maybe the new 5* crescendo monster Vulpink can create many Rockoids. That one can create 6 and if you can revive it maybe more. It’s easy to get at the current banner.

Terragar creates 3, Emeraldont creates. Brutalaxe too, but after they strip him hold ground, he’s even quite unusable in PvE.

Vixian can now cancel revenge too, so she is much better than before.

And she looks cool and nice icon, be glad to have her.


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Earth moth can create 9 rocks quickly.


… after 100s has passed :wink:

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