New Leagues???

There needs to be a higher level league than Masters, I have been beating a lot of players and getting 500 diamonds each match is chump change… Especially when the really good prizes require you to have like a bajillion diamonds (give or take a few) So i am wondering if there is a higher level league in the works, or am i stuck playing these noobish “charca/stego” "“chopper/shadowstalker” teams that i eat for breakfast :P  :ph34r:

Well, considering that I’m the one that created those teams…ouch :frowning:

Anyways, I’m pretty sure that they’ve stated that they’d add more leagues in the future…not sure though.

Either way, if you PvP for 4 hours a day, you’ll have kami within two months…one of the best monsters in the game gotten only three months after the release? Seems reasonably to me.

I removed the stars in the beginning of the title as they were unnecessary and could be taken as if you were using a curse word.  

lol i know you created them Tiberius, and you are a legend!!! Its just that they are “noobish” because they are being used by people without any skill… IF i played you and you had those teams, you would cream me 0.o

I use shadow stalker and chopperbug and I’m pretty sure I’m not a noob… But i do see your point on how its getting boring winning every time. That’s been happening to me aswell for awhile.

Awww shucks. Thanks for the compliments. But I don’t think that Legend is the appropriate word for me. I’m just your friendly (and addicted) player. Ahaha n.n

It is boring, but that’s the reality…teams work best for those who make them…people copy them…then things get boring. That’s why it’s important for everyone to strategize…and to help those who can’t. Otherwise it’s just a “okay, this isn’t a real battle. It’s execution”

So yeah…more leagues is a quick fix.

Meeree. Tib’s got a good pvp brain yep yep.