Master Rank

New rank for PvP, 15 stars and 1000 diamonds per win. Requires a win streak of 10 and at least a total of 100 wins.

Why? Because this would benefit everyone.

If someone meets the criteria, that means he or she is very powerful. I’m sure the expert rank players are all like “COME ON!” and the other players are getting bored of opponents giving up and disconnecting.

So yeah…

Why make the rewards so high? Cuz it’s the best of the best. You’re going to have a tough time getting a lot of wins, and you’ll get knocked down easily.

:open_mouth: well it is gonna take a long time haha

You’ll be surprised.

EDIT: Yeah, I guess I’ll make it 10 wins in a row. Again, this is meant for the best of the best.

Ill vouch for this , this is a great idea

Thanks for the feedback. :smiley:

I was thinking the same thing!!! They should do this!!!

Totally support this. 400 is really not that much, considering you want to get to 1 million 

But its understandable , because going to 1m should me a journey & shouldnt be to quick to get

I understand, but still, even with 1000 per victory you would have to win 1000 matches.

Besides it makes it so much more difficult when you have players whom have mastered the gold egg counter or pattern and they have pretty good arks. I’ve gotten to expert rank and I’ve farmed long hours for the dragons to get omegawyrm and even that doesn’t matter when you have players who use stegospike like there’s no tomorrow and I get 2 wins in a row at max when I’m lucky and then I go back to 50 diamonds per win. It isn’t a journey that way by the time we get kamiwyrm I’m sure hunter island would be on the 2nd game. I think there should be more ranks after expert.

You gotta point , come to think about it 1k matches isnt really alot

Actually 1000 IS a lot, but it would be way better than what you get now

Woot, Master League has been created~

How do u know this?

Awesome!!! It’s gonna be added with the next update???

Its not a lot …

I just heard that its already added but u still need 1000 wins in that league

Do you need 3 wins in a row to get there?


And its only 500 diamonds