Master League

So just hit my 30 streak and it popped up saying I’ve won the 3 Matches in Expert and I’m promoted. Is this new or have I been bugging out and just not ranking up?


Ah okay thank you. Haven’t seen it mentioned before but an extra 100 gems compared to Expert so every little helps :slight_smile:

Aye, it does help quite a bit. n.n

Same here lol

There is something higher than expert league?

Yes look !

Ok yeah just got in master league myself. So basically everyone with the stegospike + charcalynx duo. I just sit there and wait and wait and wait and never get a turn. My phone goes into sleep mode before the match is over bcuz i never even get to touch my screen.


It will be nerfed soon, IAMHIM

Btw folks, i stopped using my Charca+Stego combo…I made it a long time ago, didn’t use it…used it for a few days, stopped.

…but there are several people who have copied the exact team…like…almost every single monster, same order…creepy…well, at least the first 7 monsters are the exact same.

Well, I’ve stopped using that combo too. I use charcalynx, but put tanks instead of stegos. Developed a few new strategies, too. Some of these strategies are actually better than that stegos combo but the people using stegos combo just can’t explore them. I myself stopped using only a while ago, and there are actually many more combos out there. So here’s my advice to people using that combo: stop using it and just try out other tactics.

Oh i just pray for better days, when i dont have to put chopperbug or kentucky in my lineup when i have magmawyrm, goldhorn, infernowyrm, necrodrake, coldheart, minoblast x2, spinoflame, snowja, shisaguard, tremorback, dreadwolf, and more 9 stars plus on my bench. WHOMP!

Hi guys, I feel that the reward for master league is too little. You go up to the rank, where you encounter people with really strong monsters not available ingame, all for a reward of an extra 100 gems. 

Let me explain - My team is currently strong, such as strong enough to beat most of the current expert league, however it is still woefully short of the level of Master league. The reason for this is simple - I have all the strong monsters available in game, together with the right support monsters i.e. the wryms together with the stuns, hastes, tanks, and heals. This is enough to mainly do well in expert league. However it is woefully short in terms of raw power simply by the fact that I do not have a SINGLE egg-only monster.

When you use regular monsters against vegitigers, charcalynx, stegospikes, minespiders, snowja’s, volcawolfs etc, your strategy options are severely limited in comparison, and there’s simply not enough raw damage. Simply put, I am roughly half of the gamers out there who are unwilling to shell out additional money for a CHANCE to get a better monster, relying instead of what is available to all. And judging that I have been really bad with all my golden eggs, I am obviously unwilling to spend any. 

Back to my main point, there is no reason for me to go up a league. I would rather stay in expert league, win 2 games in a row for 400 diamonds each, and then dc on the last one to stay in expert. This is much better than winning 3 in a row, then going up to master league where it is likely I will lose 3 in a row for 250 diamonds each. An overall 750 diamonds in master league compared to 1000 diamonds in expert league, guess which one I would choose, plus an overall greater amount of tickets. 

I do the same thing, and second this, 100%. 

The reason the master league diamond reward didn’t increase substantially is because there will be more leagues in the future. If you make this one too high, then you run into issues with future ones.

Indeed They did this to add more Leagues when more players are going to pvp

Well the only thing left that would make any type of sense would be “Grand Master League [20-stars]” 

Seems like the Meta is Charca + Stegaspike + (other supporting haste/shockers). 

I would def. like to see STUN-PROOF/STUN-RESISTANT monsters: most likely wood/rock based make the most sense. Or even ABILITY-DEFLECTION monsters. This will def keep the stunners at bay and discourage tactics that cause a near endless amount of turns.

I have a series of stunners early in my lineup to combat the cheap tactics opponents have been using, and it works only some of the time. I feel like the game at the highest levels in PvP is becoming a coin-flip match/rock-paper-siccors. 

I believe there will be many more leagues when there are many more players in pvp

like Extravaganza league haha or like Superleague

or probably the more logical… “Grandmaster League”

The justice league :stuck_out_tongue: