Monster Team Limits

Serious issue with team point limits.

Whats the point in enabling us to level up, train and evolve our monsters when we are limited on points in the team? Oh look I can now have 16 monsters in my line up! Yeh 16 awful monsters that get you no where. My team is made up of 10 because there’s no room, and if I were to “Mega evolve” any of them I would have to take them out because they no longer fit! Oh but I need to level them beacuse otherwise I can’t progress in the league! 

What is with this and is this something that should be changed? Really badly designed.

I completely disagree. The limit is what envokes tremendous strategy. If you want a game where you don’t have to think and you get stronger and you are stronger - then perhaps Neo monsters isn’t for you. With Neo monsters, simply getting stronger mindsets or increasing your limit independently aren’t enough. You need to figure out the best monsters line up you can fit into your limit and heck, most of the time it’s not going to include all your best monsters.

My advice for you would be to always use the elements to your advantage. A 2 or three star monster of the advantage is element is way more useful than a 4 or 5 star monster of the wrong or even neutral element. You’ll find a lot of stronger bigger monsters have powerful attacks - but those attacks may have a TU of 250, in which case a 1 star Timestriker could kill them after they use a single move. So maybe you then use time strikers since your opponents tend to really like the big monsters.

Workarounds. It’s overcoming the odds that are stacked against you which makes Neo monsters fun.

Do online missions if you haven’t already to boost max cost. I always have leftover cost points now when my team is full.

The three star poison eaters are in fact somewhat strong particularly hellataur but I do beg to differ that element advantage of a bunch of three stars is better than a four or five star while yes some one not playing the advantage of those monsters would possible get beaten by three stars but if some one is there is little contest I migrated omega from hi and I got vulcarexis and Scorpionx from rolls omegas auto poison and poison eater in combo with vulc and scorps dual poison touch and poison massacre is devastating to everything

The costs don’t seem to increase as much as they should. I’m level 36 and I can see that as I start evolving my monsters I either have to roll with less or put more 1 and 2 stars in the lineup. Maybe that’s by design but it still seems slightly low.

yea, no more ‘strategy’ is involved with using lower star monsters. you just abuse the broken sleep, posion, and death roulette mechanics. games like this are supposed to be about who has the stronger team, who put in the most effort to level their team and grind to find rare and strong monsters, not who can put the most sleep monsters followed by dream eater, then poision monsters followed by poison eater, ending with a death roulette monster. as i said, thats just abusing broken mechanics and anyone with half a brain figures out pretty quickly that abusing these mechanics are the only way to win without shelling out cash. and since we are limited to the same 200 monsters, most of us will end up using very similar teams with a few exceptions.

I have a monster called Skullwolf (Epic), which also has Poison Eater, Poison Touch. :S

Hi! I’m quite new in this game,and I’m already unhappy… This level up system absolutely not making any sense. My son is on level 13 and he’s having 83 team point,I’m on level 16 and I have 77 ??? How!!! Is this normal ? He is far behind me online,and we almost the same place in the story… And now I’m fighting in a dungeon where the monsters dealing 3-6000 damage ,some of them 15000 and my best monster (5 star electric type) hardly can hit 1500 against a water type… And everywhere are high level monsters… I’m feeling a little bit lost. I might need to spend few hundred pounds?? But for that money I could buy few Xbox one or Ps4 games . Which are full games without extra spending… The Dragon Island and the Hunter Island was so playable comparing to this.

The leveling system is strange at first. There needs to be some rework done but for now there’s a lot more strategy in this game than in Hunter’s Island. Make sure you’re setting your team up with good combos, it’s not all about damage. I do think the cost needs to be increased and hopefully they do that soon. The game is beatable with the current system but you have to have synergy in your team.

I finish the game and I’m level 50 online,

My team points are 121
And I still have only place for 15 monster (all ultra evolved).

So yes you can get more monster but you have to level up your online rank to get more team points

I did level up,of course not much,because I just started the game,the thing which is pissed me off,is how could have somebody with lower level more training points… If its possible ( and yes it is) ,it means it’s all about your luck how many extra points you will get after level up. Then in this case maybe will be better a lucky wheel system,and nobody will complain. If I’m having a bad luck,my training points just slowly will increase… It is not fair … Just an example as I told earlier I’m on level 16 and I have 77 team points which is less then 5 points per level ,my son is on level 13 with 83 point which is more than 6 per level. If he is stil lucky when he will reach the level 16 he could have easily 96 points then he can fight against me with his 96 points and I have to try to win with my 77 … Both of us using the catchable monsters … That 19 points different is enough for 2 ultra evolution monster or for 2-4 pretty good 2-3 maybe 4 star monster then using rhe same monsters start to fight against sbody who’s having 20% extra … It means even if you spending more time with this game you still could be far behind somebody who “just started” this things really push you to buying gems to get better monsters,but it’s not fair… I understand they need money,but in this case I’m happy to pay 10-15£ for a full game (like final fantasy with amazing graphics and same chance) rather then stuck in the game or not fully enjoyed,because I don’t want to spend hundreds or I can’t spend hundreds… And one of you guys just said it’s not everything about the damage… Then is there any other way to win against the monsters??? Maybe I should ask them politely to let me go through the dungeon,or I can sacrifice some of my duplicate monster… Of course It’s only my opinion but Ithink this game far not ready… It was funny as well when after the first training some monsters reached the final evolution stage and I was playing max 20 minutes (including tutorial) … Whaaat??? Without even once I put it in the team??? For this quality wasn’t necessary to keep changing the release day… For me it looks like they have to come out soon as possible,and they don’t really care about they are not finished yet. But as I said It is only my personal opinion . I was keep trying to fall in love with this game like I did it with th DI and HI ,even the evo creo was really cute and funny but short,but it worth the price and much more ,but if I knew this game will like this I prefer to buy a chocolate bar,than this stuff.

You get a extra 5 or more for completing a island I think.

You get points like this:

  1. Finishing an island (winning the Laeuge)
  2. Ranking online.

I started to play online a lot in the beginning leveling up and when I had decent amount pf points I played the story.

It is hard but I was using poison eater, they are very strong, got lucky and won omegawyrm at the beginning, as when he is out he does auto poison, this combination with the right monsters you can win all most every fight.

When you kill monsters and new one comes, they are auto poison and then you can kill them fast with poison eater (he dosent even need to be a high level one)

cost increase is not random. like thugboy said, its calculated by a combination of online and offline progress.