Nerf nerida abys?


That fl variation isn’t really problematic. Just kill abyss since it’s unprotected. Rexkong+any sort of additional damage would do. Rexkong has always been mvp in most situations.

The problem arises when players use aegis fl with titan 5th. Robin+aoe is a way you can stop it. But players shouldn’t be forced to use robin to combat one fl. Also not everyone has robin.


Light Gm can not Build a good team so he use his boring nerida team…he testa teams like link holy but get many hard defeats and now he run always his troll team… Akhiash has more talent too build teams like him :joy:


Ladys and Gentleman…King Akhiash


In my early days of Neo Monsters I always used to have Galliodragon in the front line to punish those teams without stun protection. Strangely he’d work very well against these best Nereida teams with Aegis and Titan 5th. Maybe Galliodragon should be making his comeback :wink:

P.S. Let’s not go hating on LightGM too much. He has feelings if you look past his Nereida + Abyss exterior.


Yeah…gallio…galvbane… exakt what i want in my fl


And than you ran with gallio into a Angelion Fl…—>next prob

Most fl uses Stun absorbers/counter like Angelion…choko and so on …and troll teams with abyss…

And when there is a nerida. Abyss fl with Cobra??:)) than good Night monster 1-8 from my team:))

Nerf the speed of Nerida and all is fine.

And than light gm can Invest more time for bild a good fl without this trolls


Yeah I wasn’t serious. Galliodragon is no good in PvP FLs any more unless you’re in the lower brackets of PvP.


Gallio is best cannibalize token & fastest stun flash, but it’s useless in PvP (top tier)


I’ve decided every time I meet this FL i will DC and RC and alternately attack to make it as painful for those who perpetrate the offending line as possible.

As i did to LDN Tio Ooo and will do to LightGM next time we meet. You’ll get the win, but it will be painful.

@Killerdog I recognize my previous emoji conveyed a harsh sentiment. Hopefully this rephrasing is more on par with community standards.


Yeah, thanks. I appreciate the rephrasing :slight_smile: Singling out particular people for hate is never a nice thing to have on the forum. I don’t think I’ve met LightGM at all this time but you’ll be pleased to know I’ve beaten LDN Tio OoO 3 or more times as well as most other Nereida users. My current FL counters most of the setups quite nicely. I’ll keep going with this team, for the sake of the community :wink: Let’s make Nereida slither back into the depths from whence she came.


Nerf it before ranked pvp. This fl is just bullshit. Or ban one of them in the pvp @Dev_BRD @Dev_VKC


Lochi had a great idea to just lower Neridas speed such that it cannot possibly go ahead of Abyss.


Hope too🙄


This is another variation:


Basically what i said in the original post :joy:



LMAO That was you I battled not long ago right?

Nice Frontline! I was literally laughing during our battle when I saw your name and the FL. You would have beat me regardless but I couldn’t take that battle seriously. It was so funny seeing the abys Frontline. I died


@Saitama I normally don’t run this sort of team, but this PvP I am playing for the results. All will be revealed in time my friend, be patient.


For the record I got no issue whatsoever with that FL or any Frontline for that matter. It’s not the players fault for taking advantage of the strengths of their monsters. We can’t hate on the players. It’s an issue with the Devs. So at the same time it’s fair to complain about it to the devs but not the players. Lol If I had Abby’s and Neridia + the right support monsters I would abuse the hell out of it.


GaryOak’s FL is so nasty. I faced him last night and was forced to toxic killer his Abyss with my Cyclozar. He was then able to link faststrike with that irritating roaring entrance monster, instant slayerbane to kill Cyclozar followed by a double retribution. There aren’t many front lines which sweep four of my monsters by 80% speed and not even with Detox Blast! Thankfully Gary wasn’t optimal with Leogeist (using ultrathunder), I think because he wanted to start charging crescendo, so my monsters had more health which helped out later on.

However, he had me on the back foot from that start and the lovely closing combo with Lavaronix, Deodragon, Deathgazer and Banedragon is hard to face unless you’re in a very good position at the time. Great work on the team building, that was a good win you got against me. We were going 50:50 earlier on this PvP event but with the adjustments you’ve made it works against what I have better now.


Oh im stealing that endgame


I didn’t even get to see his endgame.:rofl: Oh and yes, I hate that link fast strike bastard monster as well. Drives me nuts.