Nerf nerida abys?

Well EVERYONE is using it (abys neradia aegis TT into elephant), and it feels like deo’s time - a bit slower (so counterable) but much stronger.

Problem is, to counter it you need to put at least 2 monster in your FL or after it that can do it (shadow + chrome or whatever), and i hate being forced to make every FL i have being manage to counter a 80%+ speed “■■■ all ya 8 monsters” FL. Its limiting the freedom of options in this game and kinda ruining it. I dont think any strategy should be able to kill 8 monsters at more then 60% speed. Terror is fine, gyo is kinda fine, even nightrider is fine cuz hes easier to counter with just a fast hit.

I suggest nerf neradia speed by 5%, making her slower then abys even at +9.

I agree…nerf Nerida/Detox combo…

Lol it’s not a problem for my 99% speed fl :sweat_smile:. Tbh I haven’t been lucky enough to see this but it would be ez for me

I was fine with deo tk tk tt, but nereida/abyss is just sad

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I don’t understand why this combo is only just wrecking havoc? If “everyone is using it” then surely it’s a good time to build a FL which counters it and you’ll be laughing?

So they can bring back the old Deo. Than its okay

And hg frontlines are useless against this…when this monsters are poisened…and than comes Mecha…->tt and detox get his 2cond turn…

When you have no monsters to counter it… than its really sad because you lost the match very fast.

It’s the noob version of deo. Nearly everyone has them 2

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Won only 2 battles out of 12 tickets yesterday using this team.

I don’t have any of the two. Played for over a year.

Same. But I do have galv and a tsd mon. That’s your fix mates

Don’t nerf it that way.

Make chromera easily accessible.

Poof! No more poison.

Problem solved.

Only reason that poison is the dominant strategy is because it’s in the regular egg/rare egg.

I’ve spent like 3 years until hatching both of them. Quite noob.

And when some people have no chromera?! … Nerida need a speed nerf…thats all

Not everyone will have it, but a lot more people will, meaning that if someone does run it then it will be a lot less effective at cleaning everyone’s team out.

If the meta gets saturated with chromeras then running poison would be suicide.

Even if you don’t have it, you will be a lot less likely to run into an abyss nereida team.

Honestly after the initial blast both of them are useless. If u have even one camp in your FL like stag or heavens, it’ll be easy to counter plus like one of y’all said above chromera, and to counter terror, you got mojinator and the new champions entrance guy.

I haven’t had an issue with that FL. It’s a boring team to run. I like running weird teams lol. But the 5% decrease in speed would solve the problem without affecting too much I would say.

It would make nereida disappear as a viable superepic.

Yeah a speed reduction to Nereida literally kills what it’s been designed to do. I have personally only lost to Nereida + Abyss teams twice or so, and beaten them 20+ times. That’s very different to my track record against Deo+TK+TK+TT front lines where I lost probably 3/4 because they’re all stun immune and it ends up with charged sweepers.

There are things to deal with the Nereida front line and better FL options out there. Like Zardecil said, people play with what they have. Certain strategies are more accessible and they are common because of that. Also, people copy each other loads and they will continue to play with it until it stops working well. We go through phases of each thing.

I ran a frontline like this the whole last year, and i started again using it at the start of this pvp. I dont wanna be forced to choose the same old frontlines, but if im not those exact team (or at least 2 or 3 of them) i gonna lose 8 of my monster in a blink. I want to be able to play a 60% speed FL with a chance to lose maybe 4 of them before my turn, but 8? Come on…

If you managed to take 8 at the start and still lost - its a problem with your mid/end game, not the FL fault.

After the intial blast neradia can do a sleep bomb, and with a TT you will get a 2nd blast for 8 takedowns. If enemy ignores abys, thinking hes useless now, he will get a 3rd blast too.

Vile rage decreases defense dramatically and normally it is ran with an autopoisoner so the sleep bomb would be useless. Like I said. Have one viable monster and u can take down abyss easily.

You can beat that team by One one monster like Oniblade or Starstike