Team build pls Help


Uhm, hello so I’m been playing this game for some time now, and now I’m stuck at episode VIII,the first battle, and I don’t really know much about strategy or team building and I’ve come to seek advice on what should I go with and who to ultra wvolve first, please help really appreciate it!


I’d go with Midas (holy dragon) first, his explosive quartet works well in PVE… and you don’t really have any other dark mons to link with Nox


Well I hatched 10 eggs and now I’ve got a gearog and skull blade so thanks for the advice!. (・∀・)


Are those alien eyes ?


No, actually I don’t really know what that is. I don’t know which emojis to use.


I’m very sure they are eyes. Is it so ?


I don’t really know I just randomly picked this from the smile emoji section from the keyboard.


Hello again, I’ve decided to go for this team and keep in mind I’ll grind to ultra evolve all of these, so what do you think?

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Hello Jim_Jimenez,

1.) Oni
2.) Scorpion Mythic
3.) XY-450M
4.) Nimboss (the storm auto protect)
5.) Epic healer/give turner/purify
6.) Skyther
7.) Zephy
Try to remove all the stun protection with the part of the team above. You follow up with:
8.) Stun bomb octopus
9.) Blurkite for Sacrifice Summon
10.) Light Flutterdrake
11.) Flutterdrake Storm
12.) Flutterdrake Water
13.) Protector
14.) Nebelronix
15.) Flarevern
16.) An Epic starter for last stand

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Wow! Thanks for the advice, it does work really well, really appreciate it!(人*´∀`)。*゚+


You have interesting choices for your Smileys.


Well I like unique things. If I do say so myselfಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ


Dhruda ?


What’s Dhruda?


Could someome help me to create a good pvp team with this monsters im not that good at making teams




Try to come up with something by your own first and I will help you to improve it


Uhm, hello I have a question, so you see I’ve obtained a legendary, the first form of Canishogun and from what I’ve read it’s quite good, so I’ve decided to change my team a bit so I can use this legendary and I want to get through Episode XVIII because as of now I’m stuck, so please I need your help forming a good team, (Note: I have only one omegamid left so I’ll use it on Canishogun)。◕‿◕。

Edit: Oh, which mons should I ultra evolve, I have enough resources to ultra-evolve a few. Thanks again( ꈍᴗꈍ)


Don’t cry , someone will help you !