Pros of the game your assistance is required

Hello mates,

So i’ve managed to reach the last Island and need to beat the 4 trainers to get to the Champions League,i’ve finished all the online Story Missions need to finish the side missions tho the Sabrina ones but here it comes the problem,my team is becoming really weak against the enemies and i can’t proceed further,i am collecting gems till i reach 50 atm i got 30 so if any of you can suggest me on what to focus or what to do to improve my team and be able to obtain 20 more gems(hopefully i would get a penguini from the 10 hatches *_*) i will post a screeshot of my current roaster.

Any tips or suggestion could make the difference for me thanks a lot :smiley:

Edit: Forgot to say my Hero Rank is 14,so my tickets are pretty much limited tho :smiley:

Your team is too weak bro,no one can guarantee win for you so this is only a suggestion:
Try your last stand at last spot,get yetti from water chamber and put him and atleast one sleep bomb at fl,use one-one to give your bomb time and put dream hunt at 6.they rest of fl should be survive type monster.
Hope it help
F2P Arash

One word: Grind, meaning get gems spend on festival, or buy gems…basically train the faststrike one and support him… as of now he is ur way to go

On wich island can i find that Yetti? and i don’t understand what fl mean forgot to say that i have the game in Italian xd so the names of things are different if you can give me the full name of the things you mentioned above i will be able to translate it by myself,also i dunno wich monster i should go for ultra evolve right now Galvboss,Elyseon or Chronox?

If I were you, I would restart to hatch the first egg again until you find a good legend. Getting first legendary by the first egg is like the first correct step of this game. At least I saw you did not spend any gems, so you have enough patience to do what I’m saying.

Mate i first started with an account that spended like 30 E on Gems purchased 4x times 13 gems and hatched eggs 1 by 1 back then i didn’t knew that was a mistake and maded it till the Champions League,then i readed some tips on the forum and restarted the game like 30 times…no legendary at the first hatch kinda tired doing it,i just wish i could find a way to collect 20 more gems and get lucky with a penguini so i can tryhard and progress i believe that a last biter would carry me on untill i get more powerfull monsters wish i didn’t spend money on that first account that now is rotting xd but hey it was my mistake i didn’t visit the forum before starting to play and a refund i’m pretty sure it’s impossible to get at this point hahah :D 

Sorry can you specificate me who is the fast strike one ? Maybe Chronox ? :D 

OK,for yeti you need to do six trial,chamber of ice.
Fl means front line,the first four monster of your team.
And chronox isn’t very great until it become at his last state,galvboss is great if you want to ultra,but you will need moalith.
Try using penguini for friend monster so you can win until you get better monster.
F2P Arash

Thanks for the tips will try to use this strategy and will let you know if it works :D 

Since you’re saving for gems, get all the starter monsters and the 6 epic monsters in the online section “monster hunting” not sure if thats the correct term. They’ll help you win. :slight_smile:

do not spend your gems when you just get only 50, be patient and try to get 150 gems to make sure you get one legend in festival time.

I don’t think he can afford to save up that much in such an early stage. He needs all the legends he can get right now, and if he tries to save up crazy amounts like that with access to only like half of the gems distributed, he’s just going to miss out big time.

do not spend your gems when you just get only 50, be patient and try to get 150 gems to make sure you get one legend in festival time.

Well that is not an option unless i buy them,but still 90E not worth it and i already spent 30 E of gems wich went totally wasted so buying is not worth anymore and with that weak team i got meh xd 

Yeah totally agree it hard to get 50 lmao xd Do you know when will exactly be the next egg festival?

Yeah that’s what i’m planning to do :smiley: got 2 last night tonight 2 more :D 

Well, Easter is in about a week, I think we can expect big stuff from that.

Damn i hope i will be able to get 18 more gems untill then :smiley: gonna grind hard xd 

Hi Don Penguini. I was curious about how far you are with the following online missions?
Side missions
Story missions
Monster Hunting

You know I restarted also the game. I have now my first 52 gems. But I came so far only with the monsters you can get from the six trials and 4 guardian beasts. Story missions until chapter 3 water valley and side missions until burning determination.


Hi Sari :grin:

Story missions I’m also Chapter 3
Side missions I’m at leigen expedition
And monster hunting i miss kong from the labyrinth and 4 from the trials and in the offline story I’m stucked with the championship league haha guess no more progressing further untill the festival eggs :joy::joy:

As has already been said, save up for legend festivals and see if you can roll some good ones.

Also base your team around dreamhunt if you can, it has the best damage of all the sweeping moves bar bloodfury and megabomb. If you want to kill buffed enemies sleep is usually the way to go.

Yeah saving gems atm i’m at 37,13 more to go :smiley: well yeah i noticed dream eaters do insane damage but kinda hard to obtain a dream eater monster with a good sustain lol :D 

Did you already catch rosaqueen (dreamhunt) and demihorus (sleep all)? And you need to get and evolve all the monsters of monster hunting. Especially kong. He has last stand 50s. Also trial of ice with one-o-one helps a lot. Just place rosaqueen behind it in your team. When this trial of ice is killed rosaqueen comes and you can dreamhunt every sleeping enemy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I finished the championship with only these monsters. It was easy so far. But now with 53 gems I am stucked too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I hope i hope i hopee i get a legendary at easter. :frowning:


Where can i find Rosaqueen and Demihorus? :smiley:

Yeah sorry my English is not that good but i think everyone was able to understand me :slight_smile:

He put pros in quotes because some people aren’t pro at the game, but have answered nonetheless.

I see my bad then,i thought i had wroted the word unproperly hahah XD