Neo Monster Purchase receipt

The Dev has been asking me the purchase receipt and ive checked it but its nothing been sent to me.I downloaded the game when it was OFF SALE(P 0.00) .Thus that mean i didnt purchase it so i havent received the purchase receipt?

No, if you downloaded in sale (like me), the purchase receipt is in your play store account

Awtzzz…That means normally I dont have Purchase Receipt for my restore code then?

Your purchase receipt will be there just like normal on your Google Play account, whether the game was $0.00 or $1. That’s what you need to send to them.

Hello killerdog .I have checked my Google Purchase History in I see the Neo Monster bought in 0.00 pesos but when I check my Gmail I havent received any Receipt .Am I prepared to be dooomed?

No, you just need to look for the receipt in play store

I think that purchase history works as a receipt. I don’t know what support asks for exactly, but if I were needing to send them proof I would send them a screenshot of my purchase history. The date should be the same as when they saw your account be created so that should work.

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Thank u all for the Info .Love u all

Thank u again .Restore Code Recovered … hhahhahhaa

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