Weird question

Hi guys don’t want to annoy you too much,i decided to buy a game,actully mum did, but I played cracked ones until now and my question is if I buy it can I transfer my data to bought game? I had 2 last bitter and done slot in the actual game, so should I buy it or simply try to forget it?
Tnx for answers

If you haven’t used your restore code yet for your restore data it should work. Copy the code from ‘Online > Community > Generate restore’, delete the old game and go to the menu in your bought Neo Monsters game. Click ‘restore data’ and put your code in there. That should probably work. :wink:

Tnx Don wanted to support Devs from the beginning,but not adult to decide, anyway Tnx for answer
Oh yeah 1 more thing,can i pay with any credit card, lol never actually bought anything, you know poor country etc…

What device do you have?

It says invalid card, looks like nothing from buying it,well will try to forget it. Anyway Tnx for all answers and have fun…