Worst pvp game balance ever

Why arent you doing anything about stuns? Seriously! Nerf charalynx to, all you meet in master league is these no lifers who stun you from start to finish, AND THERES NOTHING you can do about it. They will get a turn, its inevtible, and from then on you dont have control over you game, you might as well afk till you lose.

If they do it correctly, they’ll never ever lose. Again, its not hard to make stuns less effective each time you use it. Charalynx is also and AWFUL designed char that only frustrates. 

What do you mean, “not doing anything”?

Did you ever think that this may require an update to fix this? It does require an update. And, in fact, they are planning on weakening that combo in that update.

But you must realize that updates don’t happen immediately. They have to thoroughly test it to make sure it won’t break the game in other ways, and they plan on adding many other things besides one simple fix.

And then there’s Apple to wait for. So yes, it’s coming, but you’ll have to be patient.

As far as i am concerned they havent said anything bout stuns in general, just subteratopz?

Huh? I’m confused, now. What about Subzeratops? The nerf planned is for Charcalynx and Stegospike.

referring to stegospike’s stun

^ What admin said about stegospike

He also mentioned toning down Charcalynx in the chat when I spoke with him. (At least as I interpreted it. Though I could be wrong!)